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Never get stranded in the middle of nowhere with the Mallory Point Set

Mallory Distributor Cap keeps your car pouncing

Keep your car running at its peak with the Mallory Distributor

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Don't get stuck on a dark, deserted road. So many drivers get stuck while driving in the middle of the desert because of distributor failure. Even if you're a mechanic and you manage to rip apart the distributor in the dark, you have no way of knowing whether it's the contact points or the condenser which has conked out. Just replace the whole thing with the Mallory Point Set. This set includes two fully assembled contact sets plus a matching condenser. All you have to do is swap it into your distributor cap and you're good to go. Quit being ghetto trying to clean the contact points. Once it's completely worn out, scrap it. There's no point in trying to revive a dead part. You'll just keep waiting and hoping for a miracle to happen. Banging on the poor little condenser won't bring it back to life either. It's either you replace it or get stuck with a car which won't run. The Mallory Point Set ends your dilemma by upgrading your current distributor cap. With this brand, you are assured of miles and miles of high performance and problem-free operation. You won't have to peek inside your distributor cap again. This high-quality contact point is designed to keep a smooth flow of high voltage current firing your spark plugs. Its heavy duty points resist wear, lasting much longer than stock sets. You'll never get caught in the dark again with the Mallory Point Set.

Cheap guys always finish last. That's what'll happen if you keep running with your old distributor cap. The cap is just as important in keeping your pony car galloping in full stride. Sadly, it's often the most overlooked part of a car's ignition system, with spark plugs being the number one concern. An old, worn out cap can cause all sorts of performance problems. If you don't want your car turning into a stubborn donkey or a pig to drive in traffic, upgrade to the Mallory Distributor Cap. Inside the distributor cap are contact points which get zapped by the distributor rotor at high speeds. These contact points, connected to your spark plug wires, wear out after miles of punishment. Soon, the gaps between the points and the rotor plate gets so big that high voltage current can hardly arc in between. That's when your engine begins to hesitate or even stall during acceleration, braking, or even while idling. The last thing you want is a car which refuses to be driven easily. Keep it running in prime condition with the Mallory Distributor Cap. It will give your engine smooth performance and will definitely outlive your stock distributor cap. Whether you've got a 4-cylinder economy car or a monstrous V8 under your hood, this cap will keep it drivable and throbbing with power. Your spark plugs will never rest. Don't get caught sitting still at a traffic light. Beat muscle cars to the quarter mile with the Mallory Distributor Cap.

"Keep it simple, stupid." Even Formula Drift driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. believes in keeping things simple, especially in his race car. No wonder his Falken Mustang GT is keeping him glued to the fourth spot in Formula Drift standings. He even got the 'Drift King' Keiichi Tsuchiya to drift with him and his simple Mustang GT while on tour in Japan, the motherland of drifting. JR proves you don't need to go all fancy to drift with the Drift King. You just need to keep it simple. The right skills plus the right equipment-such as the Mallory Distributor-equals a winner. So many drivers out there think racing is all about pushing the hell out of a car's limits to get ahead of the other guy. That's so retro. Professional racers put quality products in their rides, not cheap ghetto stuff. Plus, they take care of their cars. If your car has problems, you shouldn't be racing it at all. That'll just send it to its retirement a lot sooner. You have to take care of your car. As JR always says, just keep it simple. If you're running racing camshaft profiles, the Mallory Distributor should handle it easily. In fact, it's built to survive racing conditions as high as 10,000 RPMs (revolutions per minute). This high performance distributor will give your engine the performance and durability you'll find in well-maintained and highly-tuned race cars. Whether it's a Mustang, Camaro or Challenger, keep it simple with the Mallory Distributor.