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Hitting the trail or hitting the mall? Either way, you can look better and stay safer with a Manik brush guard

Step up into your truck without giving yourself a hernia by adding Manik nerf bars to the side of your vehicle

By using cold rolled steel and precision welding equipment, the finish on a Manik brush guard is second to none

Tall trucks may be your favorite things, but your shorter family members will appreciate the lift a set of Manik nerf bars will give them

Close your eyes and envision your off-road machine rumbling through the backwoods trails, bouncing over ruts and pushing its way through the thickest underbrush. Now imagine your engine coolant leaking all over the trail, and both your headlights smashed in. Not pretty, is it? And it's not necessary either when you can get all the protection you need from a Manik brush guard. A Manik brush guard is a styling accessory; there's no doubt about it. From the smooth black or chrome finish to the tubular steel that complements the lines of your ride, a Manik brush guard looks fantastic from any angle. But it's about more than that. A Manik brush guard can give your truck or SUV the extra layer of steel needed to prevent road debris and brush from playing havoc with your expensive front-end components. And if you're not off-road bound, a Manik brush guard can still give you great protection. Minor front-end collisions and encounters with stray shopping carts can get expensive fast. Your Manik brush guard can protect against accidents like this and look great in the process. As a styling component, the Manik brush guard is hard to beat. The rigorous quality control employed at the factory ensures that every weld is perfect, the finish is spotless, and the steels used are of the finest quality. That's why your Manik brush guard will last longer than the competition and look better in the process. So don't trust your front end to just any brush guard. Choose a Manik brush guard for style and protection that will last.

Do you love your truck or SUV, but you'd like it to look a little more, well, rugged? Some of the latest vehicles are the most capable, but they also feature some of the softest styling. You need a Manik grill guard on the front of your vehicle. Whether or not you venture off road, a Manik grill guard can give your vehicle the appearance of a ready-to-rumble trail hopper. If you do go off road, your Manik grill guard can help protect your expensive headlights, radiator, and front end sheetmetal from tree damage. But even if your idea of off road is jumping the curb at the mall parking lot, a Manik grill guard can still give you an additional layer of steel in the event of a fender bender. And you get great looks: One close look at a Manik grill guard is enough to tell you that you've got an exceptional product on your hands. The difference is in the details, and that's where a Manik grill guard shines. Cold rolled steel is used exclusively due to its smoother finish, noticeable especially when you select a chrome plated Manik grill guard. Every weld is precisely laid and ground down to a smooth curve, and hardware brackets line up right the first time. So if your vehicle is worthy of a premium truck accessory, don't waste time with the competition. Order a Manik grill guard and get the best guard available right off the bat.

Before you can understand why a Manik nerf bar is the ideal accessory for your truck or SUV, you have to understand exactly what a Manik nerf bar is. If you've ever wished for a stepping surface about half way between the road and your door sill, you've wished for a Manik nerf bar. Bolting to your vehicle's frame and extending outward far enough to give you a solid footing, the Manik nerf bar gives you a secure, lowered step on which to place your weight while you climb into your vehicle. Even if you don't need a Manik nerf bar, what about your daughter, wife, sister, or other shorter-of-stature passengers? They might appreciate the benefits of a Manik nerf bar, and it may even protect them from a slip or a strain on a snowy day. Besides, a Manik nerf bar isn't just about utility: It's also about looks. A Manik nerf bar provides a rugged, off-road look to just about any truck or SUV, and with black and chrome finishes available, you can choose the right Manik nerf bar to complement your ride. All mounting hardware and full instructions are included to help you get your Manik nerf bar bolted on in no time, toomost of the time without even drilling any holes. Oh, and don't worry: There's no trace of the soft, spongy toy material that shares the same name on a Manik nerf bar. It's all steel, and tough enough to be at home on any truck.