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Maserati Spyder Parts and Maserati Spyder Accessories

Seven Zooming Facts about the Maserati Spyder

  • The Maserati Spyder debuted in 2001 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. However, sales of this vehicle in the United States did not start until the following year. Nonetheless, this marked the return of the Maserati in North America after an 11-year break.

  • As a soft-top convertible, the Maserati Spyder's top is electronically operated by pressing a button that is located on the center console. It only takes this vehicle approximately 30 seconds to deploy and stow its top under a cover that can be found before the boot.

  • Along with its near-identical counterpart Maserati Coupe, the Spyder was made available in different styles to further increase its sales. Some of the choices were ten tones of leather interior, sixteen exterior colors, several piping and stitching hues, and five top colors.

  • The Maserati has an approximate weight distribution ratio of 48/52 percent for the rear and front axles. This is because, unlike other vehicles, the transmission gearbox of the Spyder is combined with the differential and installed in the rear part.

  • In celebration of its 90th anniversary, Maserati released a limited edition Spyder in 2005. Presented in the 2004 Paris Motor Show, only 90 units of this Spyder were produced. It featured the then-new Blue Anniversary color that was coupled to a contrasting grey profile. It was also equipped with aerodynamic headrests, 19-inch rim wheels, and redesigned windscreen and doorsills.

  • The success of the Maserati Spyder is not only reflected in its impressive sales-it's defined by its various appearances in movies and television series, too. In fact, this vehicle has made cameos in films and shows such as Desperate Housewives, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Top Gear, License to Wed, and Casino Royale.

  • Want to know the differences between the Maserati Spyder and Coupe? Although these vehicles are both based on the 3200 GT and collectively known as the 4200 GT, one of the main differences between them was that the Spyder was a two-seater roadster while the Coupe was a four-seater coupe. Another difference was that the former had a 96.1-inch wheelbase, which was 8.6 inches shorter than the latter's 104.7-inch one.

Maserati Spyder Articles

  • Maserati Spyder: Problems to Watch Out for and How to Solve Them

    The Maserati Spyder, produced from 2001 to 2007, is undoubtedly one of the best grand tourers in the history of the automobile industry. With its ingenious design and superb overall performance, this vehicle was surely built to last for a long time. However, although it has received various recognitions for reliability and durability, owners of this vehicle still experience malfunctions every now and then. To know more about the common problems that may be encountered with the Spyder, check out the list below.

    Fuel line

    In December 2003, almost 1,982 Maserati Spyder units that were produced for the model years 2002 to 2004 were recalled due to faulty fuel lines. According to the report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the fuel delivery lines that were installed on these vehicles might become loose or disconnect, therefore causing fuel leakage in the engine compartment that may eventually start a fire.

    Steering assembly bolts

    Another recall was issued in March 2004 for 2002 to 2004 models of the Maserati Spyder. This was done following several complaints regarding loose retaining bolts in the steering assembly. After conducting a research, Maserati found out that the main reason behind the issue was that the bolts were not fitting with locking compounds prior to their installation. As a result, if they are not replaced in time, the bolts may detach and cause the vehicle to lose control especially when driven aggressively. The 2,024 units that were affected by this recall were taken to dealers to have their securing bolts replaced.

    Convertible top

    Another problem raised by many car owners regarding the Maserati Spyder involves the soft top. For some reason, the part does not go down or gets stuck halfway through. Although the company has not issued any recommendations regarding the problem, many car experts and DIYers suggest regular maintenance of the hydraulic pump. Sometimes, due to wear and tear, this pump leaks, therefore causing the soft-top operation to unexpectedly stall. However, replacing and repairing the pump unsupervised is not recommended especially if there are no signs of damage because doing these may only worsen the problem.