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You'll know for sure when your power steering pump has failed because it's bound to have a lot of symptoms. For instance, squealing noises particularly when cornering are typical signs of a bad pump. Steering will be stiff when you're cornering at low speeds or driving in cold weather. You may also experience lack of power and overall bad driving. Before your vehicle gets too dangerous to drive, replace your bad pump with a high-quality Maval Power Steering Pump. This replacement part directly matches your existing pump and will get rid of all the bad steering symptoms.

If your vehicle is really getting difficult to steer, another component that you should inspect is the steering gearbox. As you may know, this device is responsible for controlling the ratio of your vehicle's steering wheel input to its steering output. When the gearbox goes bad, you will have to exert more effort maneuvering the steering wheel in order to make correct turns, which is of course very dangerous on the road. Good thing you may also replace your busted gearbox with a Maval Steering Gearbox.

Vehicle modders and experienced DIYers would recognize the name Maval because it's been pushing the envelope in rack and pinion engineering since 1987. The company is well-known for their top-noch remanufactured power steering pumps, gearboxes, rack and pinions, and other essential steering assemblies. It also produces unique steering products for OE manufacturers of on-road and off-road specialty vehicles. For this reason, if you want your next set of steering components to last a very long time or for the rest of your vehicle's service life, this world-class brand is definitely the way to go.