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Mazda 3 Bumper Cover

Three Tips to Prolong the Best Condition of Your Mazda 3 Bumper Cover

Design and protection are the words that your Mazda 3 bumper cover can guarantee. When you encounter collisions with low impact, it can be the first line of defense for the other exterior components. In addition, your bumper cover is uniquely made to fit the natural contour of your vehicle for enhanced look. Thus, you must keep it in good condition at all times because of its constant exposure to different elements. Here are some helpful tips you can follow:

  • Use proper cleaning tools and substances to keep your bumper cover free from dirt.

As an exterior part of your vehicle, your bumper cover must always be kept free from dirt in order to maintain its good quality. For this matter, you must wash it using the appropriate cleaning tools and substances. A mild car soap is very effective in removing the accumulated particles on your bumper cover without damaging it. Moreover, a soft and clean cloth can help in wiping it; however, make sure that you follow the natural contour of your bumper cover in wiping so you can avoid forming of visible swirls.

  • Use a sandpaper and small brush to scrub off the tough stains and grits in your bumper cover.

If you see tough stains or spots on your bumper cover that cannot be removed by simply washing them, then you must use a proper scrubbing material. If you find many grits or grime on the surface of your bumper cover, you must use an 80-grit sandpaper to scrub them off. The texture is enough to avoid further abrasion on the surface. Moreover, a small brush or even an old toothbrush can help to reach tough dirt or grit that formed on the farther areas. However, keep in mind to apply gentle pressure while scrubbing to avoid scratching your bumper cover.

  • Apply a cleaning gel or repaint your bumper cover for enhanced look and protection.

To maintain the quality of your bumper cover while keeping it protected, you can apply a cleaning gel as often as possible. This cleaning substance is safe for the material of your bumper cover and for the other vinyl and plastic materials of your car parts as well. In addition, you can reapply paint and clear coat if your bumper cover is already painted. In this way, you can prevent it from fading due to the harmful UV rays even if it is constantly exposed.

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  • Helpful Installation Tips in Securing Your Mazda 3 Bumper Cover

    Your Mazda 3 is a very sleek compact car with a unique structure design. Imagine what would happen if this ride has no exterior protection. What a tragedy it would be, right? That is why your bumper cover is up to the task of shielding other surrounding exterior components of your ride from the impact of low collisions. However, it can fade and get damaged due to its constant exposure. So if you want to install a new one, here are some tips that can help you:

    Tip #1: Use a lubricant to remove tight bolts from the old bumper cover.

    You must make sure that all the bolts from your old bumper cover are removed to loosen the old one for easier removal. If the bolts that are fastened to the old bumper cover are tight and hard to be taken out, you can use a spray lubricant or other lubricating oil to make them move more smoothly. In addition, you can use a wire brush mounted on a drill in order to rub off any rust that accumulated on the bolts, which also causes their too much tightness.

    Tip #2: Use the appropriate cleaning materials and substances before installing your new bumper cover.

    Your bumper cover is an exterior part that can be noticed easily, so it must look good at all times. That is why before installing it, you must wash it using a simple mixture of mild car soap and clean water. In addition, you can use a sandpaper with 600-grit or lower for scrubbing its surface if it arrives with rough bumps and blemishes. This cleaning material can eliminate dirt and grease that settled on the surface of your bumper cover thoroughly.

    Tip #3: Apply coatings to your bumper cover for enhanced look and protection before installing it.

    Once your bumper cover is sanded, it can look dull and faded. Thus, you must apply a basecoat and clear coat before installing it. These coatings can make the color of your bumper cover deeper and sleeker. Moreover, they can provide additional protection for your bumper cover against the harmful UV rays of the sun even if it is constantly exposed outside.

    Tip #4: Ask for assistance to make the installation process easier.

    You can ask for someone who can assist you throughout the installation process. The other person can help in holding the other side of your bumper cover while you align it against its mounting frame for proper fitting.