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Mazda 5 Parts and Mazda 5 Accessories

Things You Would Find Most Interesting about the Mazda5

  • The Mazda5 redefines the meaning of family transportation. Unlike other car models that have two-row seating, the six-passenger Mazda5's seating is spread out in three rows for maximum elbowroom. With a two-seat per row layout, passengers are given ample space to move about, ensuring an ultra-comfortable riding experience. Even with the second row in use and the third row folded down, there are still 44 cubic feet of cargo capacity available.

  • The compact MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) Mazda Premacy's second generation vehicle, manufactured from 2005 to 2010, is sold outside Japan as the Mazda5. It is based on Ford's global C1 platform (for compact class), meaning Mazda5 parts and components are 60 percent similar to the auto parts of Ford Focus, Volvo S40, Volvo V50, Volvo C30, and Mazda3.

  • Mazda5 has a "Nagare"-which translates to "flow"-design, and the Mazda5, along with the Mazda3 and the refreshed Miata, has been penned as "a single bead of water with ripples intentionally left on the surface, such that the body's lines express the flow of motion. You can see the embodiment of Nagare most specifically in Mazda5's body side panels. A recognizable execution of the Nagare theme is the sweeping front wheel well sheet metal that twists beyond the minivan's sliding doors. The flow effect breaks up the swaths of sheet metal, turning the body into a point of visual interest. It creates three creased lines that flow along the side of the vehicle and hide parking lot dings. Mazda, the fifth-largest Japanese automaker, has queued up more Nagare design up front, with an expressive and elegantly stamped hood that flows nicely into Mazda5's happy face grille. Yes, Mazda5 has that smiley-faced look, making the car seem perpetually happy.

  • The Mazda5 has been immortalized in stamp form, released by the Japan Post Network Chugoke Regional Office under a limited-edition 12-stamp collection set officially titled History of Mazda Motor Corp. Hiroshima in November 1, 2010. Aside from the Mazda5, images on the stamp ranged from past icons such as the 1950 Mazda-Go three-wheeled truck to modern ones like the MX-5.

  • The 2012 year model Mazda5 accessories and looks are inspired from the Hyundai I20. The Mazda5's wide smile, like the Hyundai I20's face grin, is cut by Halloween-shaped pumpkin teeth. The Mazda5 has a front apron and side skirts all around it, ensuring that it maintains its sporty overture, like the Honda Odyssey.

  • While some call this model as a "mini" minivan, it is actually longer than the first Dodge Caravan that launched the segment.

Mazda 5 Articles

  • Mazda5 Common Problems

    In the United States, there aren't many choices for those who need a vehicle that has seating for more than five people but who don't want to give up the maneuverability of a compact car. The Mazda currently has the segment to itself with the Mazda5. It seems more like a car than a crossover, providing for better handling and driving experience. But with all its traits come some slight negatives that can provide room for the model's improvement.

    Interior disappointments

    The hood over the interior instruments-which rises to form a point-seems overdone; in fact, it's unnecessary as the instruments' nacelles shield them. The door panels remain too flat and too plain and the center console looks like a cheap Mazda5 accessory rather than a factory part. The Mazda5's second-row buckets would have been almost as comfortable as those up front if they weren't too low to the floor. The third seat will have to be folded to make way for luggage. Also, getting in and out of the rear seat is tougher than in a larger van. The headrests must be lowered before folding the seats-this doesn't happen automatically.

    Technological slights

    The audio system sounds like it could use a few more speakers. One will only be able to enjoy those moderate volumes when the Mazda5 is stopped; at high speeds there's quite a bit of road noise. At louder volume levels, the balance shifts to midrange, slightly clipping detail from high end; and near max volume, the bass distorts unpleasantly.


    The Mazda5 suffers from a few suspension problems. Its shocks and bushings wear out like crazy. Drivers complain that after 18 miles or so, the Mazda5's rear suspension would be shot. Apparently this is a common issue with this model; so much so that there is a Canada-wide shortage on Mazda5 parts, particularly OEM shocks.

    Not near enough fuel economy

    Fuel economy is not a real reason to choose the Mazda5 over a "big" minivan, at least not if 90 percent of the driver's driving would be done on the freeway. Mazda5 models feature a four-speed automatic rather than the five-speed unit, resulting in lower fuel economy.

    General issues

    Sliding doors freeze over and get stuck during the winter-if one tries to close them, instead of latching, they would just bounce open. During the summer, they get squeaky and produce noise when opened. There are several sharp edges on the plastic material too, which incidentally makes the interior panels look cheap. Drivers and auto critics complain that its bulky plastics eat up interior volume. There is some very intrusive wind noise from the B-pillar, which sounded like the window isn't closing all the way. Its tires could be a little less noisy. Rust is also a common problem with Mazda5s where the roads are salted.