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Mazda 6 Parts and Mazda 6 Accessories

Mazda 6: Six Interesting Facts, 10 Years of Innovations

  • Introduced in 2002, the Mazda 6 or Mazda Atenza is one of the best-selling vehicle lines of the manufacturer. In fact, it has already sold more than one million units, therefore earning it the recognition of being the fastest Mazda model to reach this million-mark sales milestone.

  • A special high-performance version of the Mazda 6 was launched in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show. It was equipped with a turbocharged 2.3-L MZR I4 engine that could generate as much as 270 hp and 280 lbft of torque. What's more, according to Car and Driver, this vehicle line could reach 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds.

  • The Mazda 6 is recognized by many car owners and enthusiasts around the world as a high-performance vehicle. So it's no surprise that this vehicle has been entered in various race series since it was introduced. Some of the notable races that the 6 participated in are the KONI Challenge Series Sport Touring Class under the Baglieracing Team and the NASCAR Corona Series. At present, it is competing in the SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge under the GTS class.

  • Introduced in 2012 at the Moscow Motor Show, the all-new Mazda 6 is the first in the 6 line to be equipped with the i-stop and i-ELOOP electrical devices. As parts of the idling stop and brake energy regeneration system respectively, these devices are geared towards saving fuel for better mileage.

  • Want to know how to differentiate a Mazda 6 from a 3 just by looking at it? With its distinct and sporty emblem, grill, and fenders that slightly resemble those installed on the RX-8, one can easily spot a 6. On the other hand, the 3 has a smaller body that is highlighted by a gaping front grill and headlights that look like a smiling child.

  • The success of the Mazda 6 can't only be traced by looking at its impressive sales and years of innovations. It can also be seen by taking note of its various appearances in films and television shows worldwide. Some of its noteworthy cameos are in Top Gear, Motorweek, Hall Pass, Enchanted, and My Name is Earl.

Mazda 6 Articles

  • Mazda 6 Common Problems

    As the fastest-selling Mazda model ever, the Mazda 6 has sold over one million units since it was introduced in 2002. This large, family-type car was built with Mazda's stylish, insightful, and spirited design philosophy. Aside from that, Mazda's i-ActiveSense safety technology also entices buyers to choose the vehicle. In spite of the bold look and the innovation the Mazda 6 has, there are problems some car owners have encountered with the vehicle. Here's a list of some of these problems.


    There were a number of issues encountered with the Mazda 6's transmission system. The first one was the thick smoke produced by the transmission circuit when the fluid heated up around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. A transmission cooler was used by dealers and car owners as a common solution to solve this problem. It was installed between the radiator and the air-conditioning condenser to reduce the circuit's temperature and to increase the air flow. Two more issues of the Mazda 6 were rattling and jolting movement of some of the transmission system parts. The rattling was experienced in the steering wheel when the car's driven between 25 and 37 mph. The jolting, on the other hand, was due to a problematic torque converter.

    Exterior lighting

    Another common problem of the Mazda 6 was its exterior lighting. From 2003 to 2011, the issues with the vehicle's head and tail lights have been persistent, and most of them were failure to meet the regulation standards for the brightness of the bulbs. Aside from this, the assembly of the fog lights has also been an issue because it has a tendency to malfunction because of constant vibration.

    Mazda made a number of recalls to address the problems with the exterior lighting of the Mazda 6. Around 64,000 units were potentially affected by the fog light problem while an estimated total of 90,000 units were troubled by the non-compliant head and tail lights.

    Fuel system

    A potentially dangerous problem was found in the fuel system of the Mazda 6. It has been reported that the fuel sender unit of the vehicle may have been improperly installed on some units. This may cause an inadequate fuel seal or a leak.

    Mazda has released an official recall and advised owners to bring their cars to the dealership for fuel tank inspection and repair if necessary.

  • Mazda 6: Common Problems and What to Do When They Arise

    Launched in 2002, the Mazda 6, also known as the Atenza in Japan, has inspired many car manufacturers and owners around the world through its years of innovations and commercial success. Known for its impressive performance and sporty design, this vehicle line follows Mazda's "Stylish, Insightful, and Spirited" design philosophy. However, despite its various recognitions, this car also experiences malfunctions that everyone should know about. Check the list below for some of the common problems that may be encountered with the Mazda 6.

    Restricted fuel line

    Some models of the Mazda 6, particularly those manufactured from 2009 to 2010, were complained because of restricted fuel lines. When this issue was raised by Mazda to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), they found out that a certain type of spider, called the Yellow Sac Spider, was the culprit behind the problem. This spider was said to enter and build nests inside the evaporative canister vent line, therefore causing the fuel tank to crack and leak due to increased pressure. And because of the Mazda 6's rare gas tank configuration, the gasoline vapor contained in the fuel line was strong enough to attract the spider but too weak to kill it.

    To solve this problem, Mazda issued a recall for almost 50,000 units in the United States and around 15,000 in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Under this recall, the affected vehicles were installed with a specialized spring that could fend off the Yellow Sac spider.

    Jolting and rattling transmission

    Another common problem with the Mazda 6 is having a jolting and rattling transmission system. Although the jolts and rattles can be ignored in the beginning, they will eventually become severe if they go unrepaired. According to car owners, the jolts are caused by a faulty solenoid located inside the valve body or torque converter. On the other hand, the rattles can be heard when the vehicle is driving between 25 and 37 mph.

    As solutions to these transmission problems, a thorough examination of the half-shafts that connect the differential and the wheels should be done. If there are signs of wear and tear, the half-shafts, transmission bearings, and other affected Mazda 6 accessories should be replaced as soon as possible.