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Mazda 6 Bumper Cover

Tips in Cleaning and Refurbishing Your Mazda 6 Bumper Cover

With its sleek looks and exhilarating performance, there's no doubt that your Mazda 6 is a mid-size sedan that's designed to give you unique riding experience. But even if it has satisfactory crash ratings, this sedan still needs premium protection inside out. One of the protective components you can outfit it with is the bumper cover, which serves as one of its first defenses against harmful road elements and possible minor collisions. And as an exterior part, your bumper cover also needs some TLC. Here are helpful tips to keep your bumper cover up and functioning:

  • Use a soapy mixture to make the cleaning process of your bumper cover easier.

You must keep your bumper cover smooth and dirt-free at all times to maintain its good quality. If it's not yet time for a car wash yet you feel like the bumper cover needs a wash, you can use a mixture of clean water and mild car soap. This mixture can help make the cleaning process easier by removing dirt particles that accumulated on it.

  • Use a sandpaper and white vinegar to eliminate tough spots on your bumper cover.

Grits and blotchy spots on your bumper cover can be very unsightly. They could also decrease its quality, so you must eliminate them immediately. You can use 80-grit sandpaper, which is perfect for removing small sharp particles and blemishes. For tough spots that cannot be rubbed off by sandpaper, you can make use of undiluted white vinegar. This is a natural cleaning agent that can dissolve thick substances.

  • Lacquer thinner is effective for removing paint stains.

If you applied paint on other exterior parts and your bumper cover becomes affected with the stains, you can spread lacquer thinner on the surface. The lacquer thinner effectively removes thick substances of paint. However, make sure that you apply this in light amounts for several times if necessary. If you spread the lacquer thinner heavily, the strokes may be visible on your bumper cover, which can cause unsightly bumps to form.

  • Clear coat can be reapplied to enhance the look and protection of your bumper cover.

You can reapply clear coat on your bumper cover in order to refurbish its look. The clear coat can protect your bumper cover from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, it can enhance the look and quality of your bumper cover. However, keep in mind that your bumper cover must be smoothened out before the application. This can prevent your bumper cover from having bumpy spots from the coat on its surface.

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  • Helpful Tips for Your Mazda 6 Bumper Cover Installation

    Your Mazda 6 bumper cover protects not only the bumper but also the other front-end exterior parts of your ride when you encounter low-impact collisions on the road. Moreover, it enhances the aesthetic aspect of your ride. If you want to replace your old bumper cover, here are the installation tips that can help you:

    Tip #1: Use a sandpaper to smoothen out your bumper cover before securing it.

    You must make sure that your bumper cover looks good and is free from dirt before securing it in place. This is because your new bumper cover can still have some grits and uneven spots. Keep in mind that your bumper cover is an exterior part that can add up to the quality of your vehicle. For this matter, you can use a 600-grit sandpaper to smoothen out the surface of your bumper cover while it is not yet attached. Moreover, you must wipe it to remove dust and dirt particles that settled on its surface.

    Tip #2: Use a lubricant for an easier removal of the bolts of the old bumper cover.

    To remove your old bumper cover easily, you need to take away the bolts that are fastened on it. You can use a lubricant to loosen the bolts if they are attached tightly. If the bolts are still in good condition, you may store them after removal. You can still use them for the installation of your new bumper cover.

    Tip #3: Ask for assistance in test fitting your new bumper cover.

    You need to verify that your bumper cover is fit on the mounting frame of your vehicle for a proper installation. You can ask for assistance in test fitting your bumper cover. The other person can hold the other end while you align the clips of your bumper cover in their corresponding holes.

    Tip #4: Locate all holes that must be fastened with screws to hold your bumper cover securely.

    Your bumper cover also has small holes that need to be fastened by screws once all the clips have been attached properly. These screws are essential for holding the edge of your bumper cover together with the lining of the wheel well. Thus, it may be required to open the hood of your vehicle to identify all the areas where the holes are located.