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Mazda 626 Grille

Common Symptoms of Mazda 626 Grille Issues

Your Mazda 626 grille is the part that covers the opening right below the hood of your car. It protects the different crucial parts under the hood from contaminants that can cause damage and problems. This covering also allows entry of air into the engine block to keep it cool and assist fuel combustion. Your grille is prone to damage due to the different elements it is exposed to. Following are some signs telling you that your grille is having problems:

Loose grille

This happens when the tabs that attach your grille to the car frame are loose. A screw may have gone loose or the hole where the tabs go into may have stretched, allowing play while the grille is in place. When you notice that your grille is not secured well in its place, you should immediately check the tabs and screws and tighten whatever is loose. If left unnoticed, a loose grille can grow worse and just fly out of your car while you are driving at high speed.


Your grille is located right in front of your automobile. This location makes the part prone to road debris and other elements that can stick and accumulate on your grille. In the long run, this buildup would develop into filth. If you see filth on your grille, it may mean that it is sifting the contaminants well. However, if filth is left on your grille, it may enter the engine block and cause problems. That being said, you need to clean your grille once you see a considerable amount of dirt buildup.

Shaky Mazda 626 grille

Your grille's position is secured by tabs that stick out to the sides of the frame. Since your grille is exposed to a lot of engine and road vibrations as well as road bumps and stresses, the tabs may break and cause a loose position of your grille. This sign is very easy to notice as you can practically hear your grille shaking.


Rust is the main enemy most especially of a metal grille. And since the grille is positioned outside your car, it is exposed to moisture and water which are important agents of rusting. When you see a small spot of rust on your grille, you need to remove it immediately before it grows larger.

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  • Ways of Keeping Your Mazda 626 Grille Safe

    The opening below the hood if your car is extremely vulnerable to damaging contaminants from the road. Thanks to your grille, your engine and nearby parts are safe from these elements. The part allows air to enter the engine block while sifting large particles that may prove to be great risks to your vehicle. With this, you need to make sure your grille is safe from damage all the time. Here is how:

    Wash the grille from time to time.

    Your grille's purpose is to keep the parts under the hood clean by preventing large particles from entering the engine block. However, it would do the opposite of its job when dirt is accumulating on it. In the long run, this dirt buildup can enter the engine block in one chunk and cause serious issues under the hood. To avoid such problem, you should make sure your grille is not accumulating such dangerous buildup. You can do this by washing the part regularly. Hot water, soap, and towels are enough to do this.

    Use a car bra to protect your grille.

    Though not popular, a car bra can effectively protect your grille from road dirt and other elements that can damage it. Bugs, dirt, and road debris can stick to your grille and cause problems under the hood. Through the car bra, some road elements would not go straight to your grille. Car bras are offered in almost any online auto parts store at around $25.

    Take special care of the Mazda 626 grille during the winter.

    The grille is the only thing that covers the opening the leads to your engine block. A heavy pour of snow may be damaging to your car. That being said, make sure there is no buildup of snow on your grille. Like filth, snow buildup can make its way into the engine block and cause issues. A trick that is recommended is to put a cardboard between the radiator and your grille to block off snow and water.

    Drive safely.

    The best way to avoid damage of your Mazda 626 grille is to drive with care. Since your grille is located in front of the car, even the slightest collision can break it. Avoid damage to the grille and other parts in your car by being more conscious when you are driving.