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Mazda B2600 Ignition Module

Common Effects of a Bad Mazda B2600 Ignition Module

Your Mazda B2600 ignition module is very important to the functions of your pickup. It is the electrical device that controls how the ignition coil fires up the spark plugs. Without this device, your pickup would continue to run with a struggling engine because of irregular fuel combustion. Over time, the electrical components inside the module fail, causing problems with the part. When this happens and worsens, a wave of engine performance issues would come your way. With this, you need to know when you need to check your ignition module.

Strong fuel odor

This happens when there is a short circuit inside the module. This problem may be caused by extreme heat. The high temperature affects the electronic components inside your ignition module, affecting its operations. When the module fails, the spark plugs would not fire at the right time, causing irregular fuel combustion. This results in a rich fuel mixture that manifests through a strong fuel odor from the exhaust of your vehicle.


If your engine shuts down with no warning, it may be a sign that your ignition module is going bad. When this happens, the spark plugs are not fired at all, so no fuel combustion happens. This results in a complete stop of your engine. However, this symptom may also be a result of a bad ignition coil. So before you make necessary actions, you have to be certain whether the fault is at your ignition coil or your ignition module. This can be done by a simple electrical test.

Rough acceleration

This happens when a misfiring is caused by the module as your press your gas pedal. Because there is irregular fuel combustion, your engine runs rough and finds it hard to get enough power to accelerate. Again, this may be caused by a bad ignition coil, so you have to do the electrical test to be sure which part is going bad.

Noisy engine

If your engine is making noises, it may be telling you that it is struggling. Because of bad fuel combustion, the engine is finding it hard to muster enough energy to keep your pickup truck running. When this happens, check your Mazda B2600 ignition module and replace if necessary.

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  • How to Extend the Service Life of Your Mazda B2600 Ignition Module

    Fuel combustion is the most important process in your pickup truck. In this process, the spark plugs' timings play crucial roles to ensure optimum engine performance. The timings of these parts are controlled by your ignition module which takes orders from the computer of your pickup. Since this part does not involve movement, you may expect few problems from it. However, once issues arise from your ignition module, you are in for a lot of headaches. With this, you need to take good care of this part before it is too late.

    Regularly check the wires connected to your ignition module.

    Your ignition module works with the electrical system of your pickup truck. This means that the slightest wiring problem could affect this part. A bad ground, for example, generates high temperature that affects the electrical components inside your ignition module. A disconnected wire, on the other hand, may completely make the part fail. To avoid these, you need to constantly check the wires connected to your ignition module.

    Clean your Mazda B2600 ignition module from time to time.

    Dirt and grime can make their way into your ignition module. Since this is an electrical part, these contaminants can affect its operations. To avoid these buildups, you need to make sure the module is always clean. However, your ignition module is very sensitive, so a clean rag would be enough to wipe off these buildups.

    Protect your ignition module from heat.

    Your ignition module is very sensitive to high temperature which is the common culprit for the part's failure. The electrical components inside the module change when subjected to extreme heat. With this, you need to protect the module from extremely high temperature. Available in the market are ignition module covers that function as housings for your vulnerable Mazda B2600 ignition module. They are made of aluminum, so you are sure that your module would takes less heat from the engine.

    Keep your spark plugs running.

    When spark plugs fail, the current they receive is routed back to the ignition coil and ignition module. When this happens, the life of the module is shortened. To avoid this problem, regularly check your spark plugs and make sure they are working well.