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Mazda B2600 Valve Cover Gasket

Troubleshooting Mazda Valve B2600 Valve Cover Gasket Leaks and Other Problems

The valve cover gasket sealing the overhead cams of your Mazda B2600 can last anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on the material the gasket is made of, its operating conditions, and various other factors. But when it does fail, the seal that's keeping the oil inside the engine and contaminants out will be compromised. Signs of Mazda B2600 valve cover gasket failure can come in a variety of ways, and n this guide we'll show how to troubleshoot the common valve cover gasket problems and how to address them.


One of the key signs of a cracked or otherwise damaged valve cover gasket is an oil leak. Leaks vary in severity, ranging from tiny droplets forming around the edges of the cover to puddles underneath the engine when turned off. If you suspect that the valve cover gasket is leaking oil, steam clean and degrease the engine and bring it up to its operating temperature. Doing so will send fresh oil to the gaskets and, since the engine is cleaned of old oil and grime, make it easier for you to pinpoint where the oil is coming out. If the source of the leak is on the edges of the valve cover or near the bolts that hold the cover in place, the valve cover is likely to have gone bad.

Oil seepage

Compared to oil leaks, oil seeping out of the valve cover gaskets are less serious but still can prove to be quite a nuisance. Oil seepage is extremely common for vehicles over 30,000 miles, and is discernible for the dust and dirt that sticks to the oil. While seepage does not mean that the valve cover gasket is compromised and needs replacing, it does warrant occasional monitoring as it can turn into a leak over time.

Engine smoke

If you notice gray smoke coming out of your B2600 engine, it may be a sign that the valve cover gasket is either cracked or loose. Oil escaping from a broken gasket can be burned off by the engine's high temperature, creating the smoke. Because it can seriously affect oil levels and overall engine operation, we recommend shutting down the engine immediately and having it checked by a mechanic at the first sign of smoke.

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  • Tips on Maintaining the Mazda B2600 Valve Cover Gasket

    The valve cover gasket in your Mazda B2600 pickup is tasked with protecting the rocker arms of engine from road debris and other contaminants as well as preventing them from drying out, so it's only essential that it is maintained properly. Aside from having a much shorter service life, poorly maintained Mazda B2600 valve cover gaskets are also more prone to leaks and other problems. So if you want to get the most out of the valve cover gasket in your B2600 pickup, follow these care and maintenance tips:

    Inspect the valve cover gasket regularly.

    Valve cover gaskets are known to fail once it reaches the 30,000 miles on the odometer, so make sure to check the gasket every now and then once it reaches that mark. Also, if you suspect that the valve cover gasket is leaking oil, we recommend inspecting it immediately as well. Ideally, the engine should be cleaned using a steam cleaner and degreased to remove the dirt and grime from the exterior of the engine; doing so will make it easier for you to notice leaks and their source. Once the engine has been washed and degreased, drive the vehicle until the engine reaches its operating temperature (and for the engine oil to circulate). Look around the edges of the valve cover and the mounting bolts that hold it in place. If oil is coming out of these places, the valve cover gasket may be worn or damaged and needs replacing.

    When replacing valve cover gaskets, make sure that the mounting surface is clean.

    Use a gasket scraper to remove any leftover gasket material on the valve cover surface and wipe the inside with a clean rag and brake cleaner. Make sure that there is nothing left on the surface; remnants of the old gasket may break the seal of the new valve cover gasket and cause it to leak.

    Make sure that the valve cover bolts are tightened properly.

    Tighten the valve cover bolts according to the torque specified for your Mazda B2600 model year. Under-tightened bolts might cause the valve cover to become loose, while over-tightening might put undue stress on the gasket and cause it to crack.