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Mazda Miata Headlamps

Maintenance Tips: Mazda Miata Headlamps

Looking for effective ways to keep your Mazda Miata headlamps in good condition? We can help you with that. Below are some tips on how to take care of your Mazda Miata headlamps:

  • Make sure that there are no openings within the assemblies.
  • Openings within the assemblies of your Mazda Miata headlamps will allow moisture to seep in. Moisture is a particularly unwelcome guest inside a headlamp assembly since it can cause the lens to become fogged. That is of course never a good thing since a fogged lens can considerably affect the illumination produced by your headlamp. So yeah, make sure that both of your headlamp assemblies are sealed tightly and have no openings.

  • If any lenses are fogged, clean them.
  • As said above, a fogged lens is detrimental to your Mazda Miata headlamp. If any of your lenses are fogged, do make it a point to wipe off the fogging right away. It isn't hard to do, after all. All you need is a clean piece of cloth, dish soap, and water (although you may have to use a fogging removal solution in extreme cases). After wiping off the lens, make sure to follow our previous tip, which is to seal headlamp assemblies shut, to prevent fogging from happening again.

  • Check the condition of the headlamp wires from time to time.
  • A flickering headlamp is the result of loose or damaged wiring. With that said, it's very important to check on the condition of the wires of your Mazda Miata headlamps when you can. Any loose wiring should be reattached properly. Cleaning the wires can also help in preventing damage.

  • Keep an eye out for any signs of damage and wearing out.
  • Your Mazda Miata headlamps are prone to damage and wearing out as mud, rainwater, and debris will constantly plague them. You shouldn't be surprised, though, since your headlamps are out in the open and are located at the front end of your Miata, after all. The lenses, in particular, aren't that durable. And when they're in bad shape, you can bet that the illumination produced by your headlamps won't be so good. To prevent headlamp problems, do keep an eye out for any signs of damage and wearing out.

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