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Mazda Miata Headlights

Common Issues with Mazda Miata Headlights

When driving during the night, aren't you glad that you have good headlights? Headlights are a big help for motorists during night because they can see oncoming traffic and other objects that otherwise cannot be seen in a pitch black environment. Headlights are also a big help during sudden downpours and foggy evenings. That is why you need to keep your headlights working at 100% efficiency. Work on these problems before they make your headlights unusable:

Blown fuse

If you're having trouble opening your headlights or it dims without you doing anything, it might be the sign of a bad headlight. These headlights are electronic devices using a series of fuse connected to a main fuse panel. To check for any sign of burn-outs or blow-outs, open the fused panel and use the diagram to find the fuse for the headlights. Upon examination, if you see a metal strip that has burn marks or appears to have damage, then you might have a problem with your headlight's fuse.

Beam direction

There might be times when driving requires you to use the high beam instead of a low beam of light. If you tend to do this a lot, your headlight switch may need to be checked. If your headlights can change to high beam but cannot use low beam, your switch may have given up on you. This is particularly the case if you have checked all your parts, and everything seems to be fine, except the beam setting of your headlights.

Faulty charging system

Your headlights, being electrical parts, usually draw power from your car's charging system. A faulty charging system may greatly affect a car. If you notice that your car's headlights are dim or do not have their usual brightness, then you may have a problem here. A non-working charging system may affect your light's brightness, or it may cause your light to not work at all.

Wired headlights

Since your headlights are connected to a fuse, that means your headlights use wires to connect and draw power. Wires are one of the most common culprits for faulty or non-working headlights. Faulty wiring may cause the headlight to malfunction, work faintly, or not at all. Wiring problems may be checked by gauging the amount of voltage that is passing through the wires connecting the headlights.

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  • How to Keep your Mazda Miata Headlights in Top Form

    Night-time driving holds a lot of surprises for a motorist. If you're not careful, you could end up with a catastrophic accident on your hands; that is why it is important for you to keep your headlights working in top condition. A headlight isn't only used during the night. Headlights are also used as fog lights, or are especially a big help during sudden blizzards or downpours. To help you keep your headlights in shape, here are some basic 'to do's' for you:

    Regularly adjust your headlights

    Vibrations coming from the engine and bumps on the road can get your headlights seriously misplaced. As time passes by, fittings get twisted and angled poorly, causing the headlight to act up. To avoid this, simply check your headlights for any askew angles or bad position to make sure that they will work for you at top condition.


    When traveling at high speeds, there may be dirt and other debris that manage to get into your headlight's housing. Keep neglecting them and they may cause a build-up of contaminants inside your headlight. This can make your headlight become dim. It can also cause a leak to develop if it jams between your housing and the frame of your car. Remember to clean your headlights when you clean your car in order to keep this from happening.

    Avoid scratches, chips, and condensation

    While you should really clean your headlights, you should also pay attention to clean them properly. There are half-hearted clean-ups which result in your headlights gaining a few scratches here and there. Also, condensation tends to build up if you clean your headlights without checking if there are dislodged frames or other sources of leaks. Learn to pay attention to the little things, such as rough towels or small leaks, before you go ahead to cleaning your headlights.

    Replace burnt-out lights as soon as possible

    It is never a good thing to keep using your lights until the last minute they burn-out. Burnt-out lights aren't any good at all. They are dim, and the visibility they produce is diminished at best. You would be better off replacing your headlights in the event that this happens to you. Headlights that light up well are better than recycled ones who make a poor job of lighting up your way on the road.