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Mazda Mpv Timing Belt Kit

Spot Signs of Mazda MPV Timing Belt Kit Troubles

Minivans are the ultimate soccer mom or dad vehicle. It's perfect for families and normally carries precious cargo such as children, pets and groceries. For one who has family, safety and budget are on top of the priority list. So it's such a nightmare to be in a vehicle with a bad timing belt. The timing belt controls the camshafts in your engine and keeps the vehicle running smoothly. A bad timing belt will incapacitate your vehicle and cause costly damage to your engine. The key is to recognize the symptoms and address them early. Take note of some symptoms of a bad timing belt, and so you can troubleshoot or buy a Mazda MPV timing belt kit before it's too late.

Difficult start-ups and noisy vibration

Although, a deteriorating timing belt is only one of the probable causes of an engine struggling to start, you should never dismiss it. This is because it's one of the earliest signs, and if you troubleshoot or replace the timing belt at this point, you can avoid added costs later on. Hard starting is usually followed by a high-pitched screeching noise when the engine finally starts or is already running.

Slow acceleration

If going uphill requires an extra effort from your engine then you might have a dying timing belt. If the engine feels sluggish or slow to accelerate then it could mean you have worn timing belts. Check the conditions of the belts. Watch for signs of wear and tear like cracks, thinning or broken belt teeth. Worn timing belts can negatively affect their function, as they can slip or loosen up. Adjusting your timing belts would fix this temporarily but, if you have a worn belt, then you should consider purchasing a Mazda MPV timing belt kit as soon as possible.

Excessive exhaust emission

One of the last symptoms to look out for is excessive exhaust coming out of your vehicle. When the timing belt fails to synchronize the closing of the exhaust valve, the engine ends up with unused gas, which is then released via exhaust pipe.

Breaking down

The worst symptom of a bad timing belt is when your minivan suddenly breaks down in the middle of travelling. When this happens, it means that your timing belt has gone beyond any kind of troubleshooting or saving. Instant stop also means that your bad timing belt has also caused severe internal damage to the engine's valves, pistons, or cylinders.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Mazda MPV Timing Belt Kit

    Your timing belt makes sure that your engine's valves are running smoothly and maintains perfect timing. When a timing belt is broken, the damage will not be limited to the timing belt itself. Its close proximity and connection to your minivan's engine could severely damage them. However, bad timing belts are inevetable as they are bound to wear and tear with time. The best thing can do is care for your timing belts and know when to replace them. Here are tips on how you can prevent engine damage due to a bad timing belt.

    Recognize the signs

    Fortunately for you, a deteriorating timing belt gives you warnings before eventually breaking. You just have to be aware of the problems so you can acknowledge them when they occur. Watch out for symptoms like excessive exhaust fumes, engine noise and struggling to start, weakening engine, and sudden engine breakdown. Take these symptoms as concrete reminders to have your timing belts checked and replaced. And just like alarm clocks, pressing on the snooze button will just get you into bigger trouble.

    Check your timing belt's condition

    Except for your minivan breaking down, the symptoms previously stated should be taken as early warnings. It means that when the engine shows any of the symptoms, the first thing you should inspect is your timing belt condition. Visually inspect your timing belt and watch for cracks or worn parts. If the timing belt's teeth are worn, then they cause the timing belt to loosen up and slip. This causes the screeching sound and smell of rubber burning. You can temporarily fix this by retightening the belt. This should get you enough time, to purchase a Mazda MPV timing belt kit, replace them. If you see visible damages though, then better replace the timing belts immediately because if the belt snaps, it will hit and damage your engine.

    Follow the schedule

    A timing belt's service life normally lasts between 60,000 and 105,000 miles. Your Mazda MPV timing belt is scheduled to be replaced every 60,000 miles or approximately every six years. Regular visual inspection can warn you if you need to buy a Mazda MPV timing belt kit sooner. Making sure that your timing belt does not reach the point of breaking prevents costly repairs in the future.