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Mazda MX3 - Six Fast Facts

  • This four-seat hatchback coupe has a nasty case of multiple personality disorder. Apart from being known as the Mazda MX3, it is also known as the Mazda Precidia in Canada, the Eunos 30X in Australia, and the Autozam AZ-3, Euros Presso, and the Mazda AZ-3 in Japan. Confused yet? That's because, like many American auto manufacturers, Mazda diversified in the market by launching specialist marques-Autozam and Eunos are examples of that.

  • This Mazda is quite the movie star. Does it look futuristic to you? Producers of the 2004 Will Smith action movie I, Robot seem to think so-unmodified Mazda MX3s littered the backdrop as examples of "futuristic" cars. A Mazda MX3 was also one of the talking racing cars in the Disney film, Cars. It's name? Kori Turbowitz.

  • Though the Mazda MX3 has not been sold in America since 1997, it is still one of the most popular cars for street racing and modification. Performance engines like the KL-ZE are easily transplanted into the car, and the body modifications available make it a DIY-er's dream come true. Check out the internet-there are sites and shrines dedicated to this Japanese modern classic.

  • The Mazda MX3, despite its racing overtones, is safe to drive around the city with its 108-bhp engine. Part of the appeal of the MX3 is that it seems to be a race car trapped in a street-legal frame! Every bit of performance it can push out has blown the competition away, and earned it a near-cult following.

  • The Mazda Kabura, a concept car shown off at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, is a sports compact that clearly drew inspiration from the Mazda MX3-seemingly answering consumer demands for a come-back for the much-loved car. It was never fully realized. Although, the 2011 RX-8 drew heavily from the Kabura.

  • Despite being externally a solid two-seater, many are surprised to learn that the Mazda MX3 comfortably seats four. This is mentioned because part of the mystique of the MX3 is that it is hailed as the "perfect" car. Few have even made funny references to magic-simple because it is more than it always appears from the outside!

Mazda MX3 Parts

Mazda MX3 Articles

  • The Two Most Common Gripes with the Mazda MX3

    The Mazda MX3 is one of the most modifiable cars in the world. When it came out, what people most took notice off was the fact that, by itself, it was already a pretty good car. It looked great for one-sleek and "futuristic" enough to be featured on I, Robot-and it was a very capable performer. Little the Mazda, or the world for that matter, know that it would become one of the most popular cars among racers and DIY-ers everywhere. Unsurprisingly enough, a solid platform like the Mazda MX3 has few problems under its hood-or anywhere else, for that matter. No car is perfect, however, and here are two that any MX3 owner might need to look out for.

    The bucking bronco

    This rather strange case occurred on a 1992 Mazda MX3 equipped with manual transmission at about 50,000 miles into its service life. It seems that on some MX3s, the application of the accelerator pedal caused the car to buck and jolt violently as if about to stall-this is most especially noticed at slower speeds. The only indicator of a problem is a displayed error on the part of the speed sensor. It never elevated into something more serious than an inconvenience or a nuisance, but it is a discomfiting thing to experience.

    As this problem was limited to only a few MX3s, no recall orders were ever issued. The problem has been alternately pegged to failure with the transmission itself or, in fact, with the aforementioned speed sensor.

    The dim lights

    The trouble is specifically tied with the rear-end brake lights, and is a rare occurrence on the 1996 release of the Mazda MX3. Several customers complained that the rear brake lights were very poorly illuminated, making them extremely difficult to see, even at night. No major accidents or crashes have yet been reported with regard to this problem, but the potential for much trouble is there. Those who own and drive the 1996 MX3 are advised to check their brake lights early on as the reports indicate this manifests as early as 300 miles.

    No recall orders issued because of this problem, and it is not as widespread as one might imagine. While it is advisable to have the electrical and lighting system checked by the dealer, it's a problem easily solved.