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Mazda MX3 Struts

Troubleshooting: Mazda MX3 Struts

Your Mazda MX3 is a stylish ride that handles like a charm, but you're comfy cruise is bound to be compromised if your struts are damaged. Your struts are a vital part of your suspension and are made up of several components. Thanks to your Mazda MX3 Struts, you're able to enjoy a comfortable and safe ride. These components serve as dampers for your vehicle's chassis, and may eventually give in to road punishment. There are a few telltale signs of strut damage that you can keep an eye out for. So keep reading for some helpful troubleshooting tips for your struts.

Uneven tire wear

If your tires show uneven wear and tear, then you should probably check for strut damage. When your struts are blown, they can cause your vehicle to veer to one side, causing uneven wear on your tires.

Leaking struts

Check under your vehicle. If your struts are covered in oil or if you notice a puddle beneath your struts, then they're probably already damaged. To test out your struts, press down firmly on the front and rear of your vehicle and check for excessive bounce. If your vehicle bounces or can easily be pushed down, then you should have your struts replaced right away.

Physical damage

Take a look at your struts and examine them for damage. Physical manifestations of damage like dents on your struts should be apparent and clear signs that you need to have them replaced. Also be sure to check the mounts of your struts as these can become worn out or damage through time.

Unusual movement

You're bound to notice strut damage when your vehicle is in motion. If your vehicle nose dives when you hit the brakes or bounces when driven over bumps, then your struts definitely need checking. Having your ride veer towards one side and drift during turns are other signs of strut damage.


If your struts have lost their ability to cushion your vehicle's weight, then they will produce a muffled or loud, metallic clunk whenever you drive over potholes or curbs. This noise is cause by the chassis making contact with the suspension parts or frame.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Your Mazda MX3 Struts

    Thanks to your Mazda MX3 struts, you're able to enjoy smooth and comfortable driving through twists and turns. Your struts are vital components of majority of front-wheel drive vehicles and they must be installed and used properly in order for you to avoid any premature damage. It's a sad fact that your struts are bound to wear out, leading to excessive bounce, sway, and dips while braking. However, there are several means for you to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible. And you can easily achieve this by following some basic maintenance procedures. So keep reading and learn more on how to properly take care of your struts.

    Have struts checked

    It's important for you to check the condition of your struts or have a mechanic do so at least once a year. Annual strut examination will help you know where you need new mounts, bolts, or other hardware that support your strut. This way, you'll be able to monitor the condition of your struts, making the necessary repairs and replacements before they totally give in.

    Have your tires aligned

    Remember: if you tires are misaligned, then they could wear unevenly and become damaged prematurely. By making sure your tires are aligned, you also prolong the reliability of your struts, resulting in a more comfortable and controlled drive.

    Replace broken hardware

    As mentioned above, you'll want to check your struts for components attached to it that might already be damaged. Once you spot these buster parts, have them replaced right away. Doing so ensures that your struts get the support they need, which will help extend their performance.

    Don't overload

    Your Mazda MX3 isn't a rugged pickup truck; it's a stylish hatchback coupe. So opt not to overload your ride with passengers or heavy cargo, as doing so may hasten the wear of your suspension parts. By loading your vehicle with a reasonable amount of cargo or passengers, you'll be able to prolong the life of your struts and other suspension system components.

    Avoid potholes

    In fact, avoid rough roads in general, because these could do a number on your struts and suspension. If you really need to drive over uneven terrain, do so slowly as not to punish your suspension too severely.