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Mazda Protege Strut Assembly

Nipping the Problem in the Bud: Troubleshooting Your Mazda Protege Strut Assembly

A bad strut assembly can make any trip go from enjoyable to uncomfortable the minute those potholes and bumps start assaulting your ride. You can't avoid difficult, harsh, and uneven roads-they're everywhere. So instead of trying to stay on the smooth side of the road all the time, you should take some time off and check on your Mazda Protege strut assembly. If you're lucky, you can still remedy and nip some problems in the bud before your strut assembly breaks down completely. All it takes is a bit of troubleshooting, and we're here to help you out on this task. Here's a quick guide to finding the common causes behind strut assembly problems:

Excessive bouncing

If your Protege's bouncing and rocking more than usual, then it means your strut assembly is already losing its ability to absorb road impacts. Loss of dampening capacity is a sign that you need to replace your struts. Try driving over a speed bump or pothole slowly as you monitor your vehicle's movement. Focus your attention on the front or rear wheels. If you notice excessive bouncing, say, more than two or three times, then it's time for you to get a new strut assembly.


Struts usually leak out hydraulic fluid when their bodies become cracked or worn out. This also happens when the strut seals crack or break. Inspect your Protege's wheel wells for leaking fluid or grease buildup. You may use a hydraulic jack to raise your vehicle if you're having a difficult time checking the struts. If there's fluid leaking from the wheel wells or a significant amount of grease building up on the struts, then it means your strut assembly is losing the hydraulic fluid necessary to maintain adequate vehicle support and stability. You should have the entire assembly replaced as soon as possible.

Rattling sounds

A bad strut assembly will usually make loose rattling sounds when the vehicle goes over rough patches or speed bumps on the road. This indicates a decrease in overall strut tension, as struts tend to shift and move when they're severely damaged. Observe the sounds your struts make when driving over road obstacles. Grinding, knocking, and scraping noises indicate worn-out struts. Replace your old Mazda Protege strut assembly right away to eliminate these noises.

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  • Top Tips in Maintaining Your Mazda Protege Strut Assembly

    Staying comfortable and enjoying a bounce-free ride on the road is easy if you have a well-maintained Mazda Protege strut assembly. All those rocking, swaying, and bouncing will be kept at bay as long as you give proper care and attention to your struts. Routine inspection is not enough; you also have to practice regular maintenance in order to keep your strut assembly in tiptop shape. Maintaining the good condition of your strut assembly will also save you from expensive repair and replacement costs in the future. As they say, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. So better roll your sleeves up and take note of the maintenance tips we've listed below to keep your Mazda Protege strut assembly in good condition.

    • Regularly lubricate your strut assembly.
    • Yes, you already know the drill-keep those parts greased up, and they'll work just fine. But do you actually perform this task on a regular basis? If you want better handling and proper ride control, regularly pack some grease in your strut assembly. This will prolong the service life of the springs and mounts, as the grease will reduce metal-to-metal friction between these parts. You're lucky if the strut assembly you bought came with lubrication from the factory, but you must still repack the grease reservoir in the strut housing from time to time to ensure proper function. To prevent strut damage, use only the right lubricating solutions. Wheel bearing grease is a good choice. You may apply it between the mounts and springs to minimize strut noise.
    • Pay attention to your driving style.
    • Frequently scraping your tires on the road and going all out like a race car driver can deal damage to your strut assembly in the long run. Sure, driving your car at top speed and conquering difficult roads may make you feel powerful and invincible, but you'll regret it soon after you've checked on your struts. If you want performance handling, go for gas-charged shocks or struts that can give you better ride control on rough roads. A high-performance strut assembly can withstand extreme conditions and meet tough demands on the road without wearing out quickly. Ditch your stock Mazda Protege strut assembly and find one that can match your driving style.