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Mazda RX8 Bumpers

Troubleshooting Problems with the Mazda RX8 Bumper

Because of its location in the vehicle, the bumper is one of the parts of the Mazda RX8 that is most vulnerable to damage. From slight dings to serious fractures, a damaged bumper can prove to be rather unsightly or even dangerous in terms of driver and passenger safety. So if you notice any of these problems in your Mazda RX8 bumper, be sure to get it fixed immediately.

Dents and scratches

It shouldn't be a surprise that bumpers are quite prone to bumps. These fender benders often result with scratches and dents which, though not that life-threatening, could be quite an ugly sight to behold. Dents and scratches can significantly age a car's appearance, drastically reducing its value especially for car owners planning on selling their vehicles in the near future. Thankfully, minor bumper damage is not that hard to fix. Minor scratches on the bumper surface is usually remedied by a quality repaint, although more serious dings have to be grinded, sanded, and sculpted back to its original shape before it can be painted over.

Holes and tears

While scratches and dents on the bumper leave the material almost completely intact, holes and tears removes a chunk of the bumper material. So while it is quite possible, a torn or punctured bumper can be more difficult to repair compared to a minor fender bender. Most stores sell bumper repair kits which can help reconnect the tear or the hole, but if a significant portion of the bumper has been lost, an epoxy filler must be applied onto the damaged area in order to restore the bumper's original appearance. However, if the bumper has undergone extensive tearing to the point that its integrity has been compromised, we highly recommend replacement rather than repair.

Faded bumpers

Over time exposure to the elements will cause the bumper's finish to become flat and for its shine to disappear. Fade usually occurs on top and the bottom lip of the Mazda RX8 bumper, as these areas are the ones that are most exposed to the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Minor fading can usually be remedied at home by washing the car bumper with car wash soap and buffing the surface with liquid buffing compound, although more serious cases - wherein the surface has cracked into a web-like pattern - are best treated in an auto body shop.

Mazda RX8 Bumpers Available Years

  • 3 Easy Maintenance Tips for the Mazda RX8 Bumper

    Because it is located at both ends of the the Mazda RX8, the bumpers are among the most vulnerable body panels in the vehicle. And a damaged bumper is not something to be ignored: aside from making a well-designed sports car look ugly, a cracked or dented bumper is less aerodynamic (and therefore less fuel efficient). This is why it is important that the bumper is properly cared for and maintained on a regular basis to ensure its flawless appearance for a long period of time. In this guide, we're going to share with you some simple tips on how to maintain the front and rear bumpers of the RX8.

    Clean the bumper regularly.

    Frequent washing is one of the simple but most effective ways to maintain the appearance of the Mazda RX8 car bumper. Washing the car bumper can help get rid of the dirt, mud and other debris which might erode the bumper's surface and, as most car cleaning products have UV-deflecting compounds nowadays, help protect it against the harmful rays of the sun. When cleaning the bumper by hand, make sure to use non-abrasive cloth and cleaners to avoid scratching the delicate surface of the bumper.

    Don't park under the sun.

    Though the bumpers of the Mazda RX8 are certainly tough enough to withstand being parked under the midday sun, constant exposure to UV radiation from sunlight will cause the bumper's plastic exterior to fade and crack. The upper section and the bottom lip of the bumper are ones that usually deteriorate first, as their wide surface areas makes them more vulnerable to the sun's rays. Parking your car under a shaded area such as under a tree or the roof of an enclosed parking lot can help stave off UV degradation, but if parking in an open space for long periods is unavoidable we recommend covering the vehicle with a UV-deflecting cover.

    Inspect for exterior damage.

    Ideally, the bumper should be checked for cracks, dents, scratches and other types of damage on a daily basis. Because the body panels are constantly beset by vibration from the road, even a small hairline crack can grow if left unattended. Repair and repaint any damaged areas of the bumper as soon as possible.