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Drawing off the exhaust emissions produced by the engine and releasing them out into the atmosphere is the main function of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Keeping it in excellent working condition ensures that you get an outstanding overall performance from your ride. If your car’s stock exhaust system isn’t performing as optimally as it used to, you should consider replacing its components as soon as you can. Fortunately, you can easily find the right part that you need to solve your exhaust-related dilemmas with MBRP’s wide array of exhaust system components. Its extensive product line-up includes complete exhaust systems, down pipes, exhaust tips, and mufflers.

MBRP Brand Articles

  • What You Should Expect from MBRP Exhaust Tips

    Tired of the neglected and dull look of your car’s tailpipe? One easy way to give it some much-needed pizzazz is by adding an exhaust tip. Exhaust tips are automotive accessories that do nothing but make tailpipes look cool and striking. With these accessories, your car can now puff up smoke more fabulously than other rides on the road. MBRP exhaust tips are a good choice if you’re looking for attractive accessories that also offer outstanding durability. Planning to buy the MBRP exhaust tips to jazz up your ride? You should read on to find out more about them.

    How do they differ from the other brands: The exhaust tips produced by MBRP boast an exceptional quality and appearance that make them stand out from the competition. Moreover, customers are also guaranteed that these accessories are built to last because of MBRP’s dedication to provide its buyers with exhaust components that are made from high-grade materials. To make sure that every driver’s need is covered, the company offers these exhaust tips in various inlet sizes ranging from 2.25 inches to 5 inches. You can also choose from different configurations to further ensure that you get the best type of exhaust tips for your car. The high-quality steel materials used to construct these components make them resistant against corrosion and premature wear. Since these accessories are meant to make your vehicle look better, MBRP also produces them in an assortment of striking finishes so that car owners won’t have a hard time searching for tips that goes well with their vehicle’s exterior looks.

    How easy are they to install: Just like MBRP’s other exhaust products, these exhaust tips also come with a bolt-on hardware feature, which should help you finish the installation process without breaking a sweat. If you’re having a hard time putting them up on your vehicle, you can also call MBRP to ask for additional assistance. It’s clear to see that the company definitely takes customer service seriously.

    Are they worth investing on: Top-notch quality, stunning style, and trouble-free installation process—these are the main selling points of the MBRP exhaust tips. Their price tag may be really intimidating at first, but their long-term performance is actually enough to get your money’s worth. With the MBRP’s exhaust tips, your car’s tailpipe is guaranteed to look awesome for a long period of time.

  • Useful Things You Need to Know About the MBRP Downpipes

    Downpipes basically connect your car’s exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter, effectively ensuring that the harmful exhaust emissions travel safely from the headers to the catcon without leaking out of the system. But aside from being a passageway of toxic compounds, good downpipes also bring about a significant improvement in the performance and mileage of your vehicle. If you’re on the lookout for effective aftermarket downpipes, then you should check out MBRP’s product selection. MBRP downpipes come with a variety of desirable features that are sure to come in handy for different vehicle applications. If you’re interested in buying one, here are some of the things that you should know about them:

    What sets them apart: One of the factors that make MBRP’s downpipes more preferable than their competitors is the improved air flow rate that they’re guaranteed to deliver. With smooth mandrel bends to crow about, there’s absolutely no doubt that these components can help your vehicle achieve better ride performance by gaining extra power and reducing exhaust gas temperatures. Moreover, the MBRP downpipes are also made from high-grade steel materials, which make them capable of withstanding the effects of harsh working conditions. MBRP’s downpipes are offered in a variety of types to meet the specifications of different vehicles.

    Are they easy to install: You don’t have to be a mechanic just to outfit your vehicle with MBRP downpipes because they’re absolutely effortless to set-up. The MBRP downpipes are equipped with a bolt-on hardware, which makes them easier to install over any vehicle. Aside from that, they also come with a complete set of installation instructions to help car owners finish the whole process in no time without encountering any problems.

    Are they worth the buck: Splurging on MBRP downpipes is definitely worth it considering all the benefits that they can give your vehicle. By adding a few more bucks to your budget, you get durable products that are guaranteed to work and fit excellently.

  • Understanding MBRP Exhaust Systems Better

    If you want to further enhance your car’s efficiency and power, exchanging its mediocre exhaust system with a high-performance one from MBRP is a good way to start. MBRP offers a great selection of cutting-edge exhaust systems that are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. The company strives to incorporate advanced engineering principles and manufacturing techniques into the production process of these components to ensure that they offer only the highest quality. With all the factors that you need to consider, deciding which exhaust system to purchase can be really daunting. So to help you out, here are some of the useful information that you need to know about the MBRP exhaust systems:

    What makes them different: The MBRP exhaust systems feature a highly-engineered design and construction that’s unsurpassed by other brands. Every complete system that comes out of the company’s doors is sure to offer the reliable performance and precise fit that every automobile needs. They’re designed with lower bend degree angles to ensure that the exhaust emission can travel faster through the system, ultimately resulting to an optimized engine temperature. What’s more, the MBRP exhaust systems are also made from heavy-duty materials such as stainless and aluminized steel. If you’re looking for long-lasting durability and efficiency, then MBRP’s exhaust systems are the right choices for you.

    What vehicles are they compatible with: In line with its dedication to deliver optimum customer satisfaction, MBRP made every effort to produce exhaust systems that are suitable for vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines. Each of these exhaust systems has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it fits properly without the need for any modifications. Whether you own a truck or a Jeep, you can be certain of finding the right exhaust systems to suit your vehicle’s requirements with MBRP’s wide product selection.

    Are they worth it: Enhanced performance, optimized engine temperature, and accurate fit—these are all the benefits that you can get with MBRP’s exhaust systems. They may cause a pretty penny, but all their advantages can definitely make up for the large dent on your wallet.