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Your headlights have been flickering for days now and you've been hearing a harsh noise somewhere in your vehicle. Other electrical features have also been acting up. These are classic signs of alternator failure, so check yours immediately before it completely shuts down. Of course, the car will likely still run even when the alternator is bad because it will use power directly off the battery. But if you want all your vehicle's features to operate normally, you have to replace your bad component with a new, high-quality MEA Alternator immediately.

As you're probably aware of, the alternator is part of your vehicle's charging system, which supplies current to many of its devices. The alternator is basically a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Most of your vehicle's electrical systems actually derive their power from the alternator, which generates alternating current. It's a mechanical device that is powered by the engine itself through the crankshaft. The current it produces is vital to the operation of devices such as the radio, air conditioning, cooling fan, defogger, windshield wipers and headlights. If you don't want to drive a vehicle without all these mechanisms operating correctly, install a new alternator by MEA.

MEA alternators are well-known for their exceptional durability and performance. Their efficiency and output are high but they operate with minimal noise unlike other run-of-the-mill alternators that cause a ruckus every time you drive. Their electro-magnetic design is at par with your factory part or even higher. Due to their precise built and flawless performance, they can increase the cooling ability of your vehicle and improve its air flow path. They also last years without acting up because of their solid construction and excellent materials.