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What happens at the pit stop is a crucial factor in a race, which is why the pit stop crew always wears special clothing that make every stop worth the time. Proper foot wear is one item that's critical to the performance of a crew. But even if you're not into racing, you can benefit a lot by wearing specialized foot wear when working on your vehicle in the garage. In both these cases, using high-quality Mechanix Wear Foot Wear is sure to make your job a lot easier, safer and more fun.

It's no news that various types of injuries result from wearing incorrect clothing when servicing a vehicle. Aside from wearing proper foot wear, it's also best to wear additional protective accessories such as a specially designed Mechanix Wear Knee Pad. This heavy-duty knee pad has a two-stage high-strength foam pad that adequately protects and supports your knees even in the harshest working conditions. It is equipped with a Kevlar front panel that's resistant to abrasion, so it's very durable and comfortable.

The garage and the racetrack both have plenty of sources for serious injury (e.g., extremely hot and sharp objects). That's why aside from wearing specialized foot wear and knee pads, you should also increase your protection by wearing Mechanix Wear Heat Sleeves. These heat sleeves easily slip on, completely covering your knuckles to your biceps. They're made of 100% Kevlar with a special Fibreshield treatment that repels fuels and other liquids for maximum safety.