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Mercedes Benz 190E Parts and Mercedes Benz 190E Accessories

Mercedes Benz 190E Problems

As an entry-level luxury car, the Mercedes Benz 190E sported decent features that include a 5-link rear suspension, anti-dive and squat properties, and ABS brakes. A part of the E-Class series, the 190E fared well mostly in Europe, but production came to a halt after the vehicle has been in the market for only 10 years. Like many other luxury vehicles that came after it, the 190E encountered several problems in its parts.

Transmission shift issues

Transmission wear is very common in the 190E models, and that made gear shifting a challenge. The problem could be blamed on worn-out parts in the transmission. 190E owners reported that difficulty in shifting gears usually happen when changing from a higher to a lower gear. Replacement of Mercedes Benz 190E parts (such as hoses, cables, and rubber fittings) helped in preventing the problem from becoming worse.

Poor air-conditioning

Mercedes Benz 190E models from 1990 to 1993 experienced refrigerant leaks that affected the efficiency of the car's air-conditioning system. Because of the leak, the air-conditioning unit had difficulty producing cold air, which was a hassle to vehicle drivers especially on hot and humid days. Some 190E owners found that adding Freon to the unit did not help at all.

Starting problems

Battery problems in the Mercedes Benz 190E were common in certain year models. This made starting the vehicle a daily challenge for some owners. When the vehicle does start, there is still the possibility of it losing power while on the road. Battery replacements usually solve the 190E starting problem, but owners were urged to check on the batteries regularly to prevent the onset of more serious problems in the engine.


Leaks coming from different Mercedes Benz 190E parts were a common complaint too. Owners reported that engine oil and coolant leaks had prevented their 190E from functioning properly. The leak problem was common to 190E 2.6 L 6-cylinder engines from model years 1990 to 1993. The leaks are usually spotted within the head and timing cover gaskets and are usually repairable. However, there are occasions when a replacement is needed instead.

Mercedes Benz 190E Parts