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Mercedes Benz 190SL Parts and Mercedes Benz 190SL Accessories

The effects of the Second World War were widespread. Pretty much everybody in the entire globe was affected by the war in some shape or form. This included major companies such as Mercedes Benz. While Mercedes Benz is regarded nowadays as one of the premier automotive brands in the world, that wasn't always the case because as said above, the company was also ravaged by the Second World War. Mercedes Benz tried to get back on its feet after the war via the release of the sporty two-door grand touring convertible that is the Mercedes Benz 190SL in 1955.

The Mercedes Benz 190SL came either as a removable hardtop convertible or as a soft-top convertible. Since the 190SL was one of the brand's post-war offerings (along with the Mercedes Benz 300SL, another sports car), its release was critical to Mercedes Benz. Fortunately, the 190SL sold well enough during its nearly ten-year run. That isn't surprising though since the 190SL looked remarkable. Many automotive consumers were attracted to the 190SL because of its distinctly European and sleek sports car design. The 190SL's every curve and corner oozed with style, which sports car enthusiasts found too hard to pass up.

The list of 190SL parts included a 1.9-L straight-four SOHC engine, which was based on the engine of the Mercedes Benz 300SL. This engine was capable of generating a maximum of 120hp. While that number may be impressive on its own, it doesn't fare well when put side by side with Porsches or Ferraris. The Mercedes Benz 190SL can't run quite as fast as the other sports cars in its price range (including the 300SL), which was of coursed considered a downside by some critics. Nonetheless, the 190SL became a basis for the development of the brand's future sports cars and helped Mercedes Benz survive the post-war era.