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Mercedes Benz 240D Parts and Mercedes Benz 240D Accessories

Little-known Facts about the Mercedes Benz 240D

  • Mercedes Benz 240D is known as the most durable among all the diesel-powered units offered by the brand. It was manufactured from 1974 to 1985, with the year 1981 considered as its most successful production year when it sold more than 73,000 units all over the world.

  • When Mercedes Benz launched its 240D model, it was introduced as the grandest and most expensive model ever released by the brand at the time. The 240D model was marketed at $7,712 when it was first launched in 1973, which was said to be four times more than any other car model built in the whole of Europe and the United States. By 2010, prices shot up to about $34,000 per unit.

  • Most of the 240Ds are used as taxis in various countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East because of its durability. And since it is known to be the sturdiest model among all Mercedes Benz models, most of the 240Ds were still functional 25 years after the brand officially stopped its mass production in the United States (1983) and Germany (1985).

  • In the beginning, the 240D can only produce 65 horsepower and could not go over 160 kilometers most of the time. Still, it was considered as the fastest car at the time. And after some significant changes in the 1976 model year, manufacturers made the engine capable of cranking out 72 horsepower.

  • It was initially announced that the Mercedes Benz 240D can only run for about 400,000 miles without requiring repairs or a major overhaul. However, in 2004, a Greek man known as Gregorio Sachinidis set the record for driving his 240D to more than 2.8 million miles from the year 1976.

  • At the time it was first introduced, the Mercedes Benz 240D was known as the most luxurious model in the market. It boasted of a number of unique features such as heated leather seats, cruise control, and a powered sunroof, which was a great feat in the late 1970s when most vehicles did not feature a lot of embellishments and only focused on giving a high-quality performance.

Mercedes Benz 240D Articles

  • Common Mercedes Benz 240D Problems

    The Mercedes Benz 240D is one of the most popular and highly anticipated models all over the world. For so many years, it has managed to draw more and more people because of its performance and lavish look. It is also known as the most durable and reliable models among all the cars released by Mercedes Benz in the market. The 240D may be considered as one of the best vehicles of all time, but this does not change the fact that it can still get damaged at times. Owners of the 240D are advised to take note of these common problems:


    A lot of people have been complaining about the transmission of their 240D units since the model was released with the option of a manual and automatic transmission. Those who had the 240D in actual transmission often complained that they ended up walking one too many times because their cars wouldn't start. Transmission problems make it more difficult for them to control the vehicle, especially when they intend to shift from one gear to another. This is despite the fact that 240D units were manufactured with vacuum controlled automatic transmission.

    Cruise control

    Aside from transmission problems, some 240D owners also often complain about their difficulties in controlling the vehicle. There are instances when they found it hard to maneuver the car, particularly when making corner turns in high speed. Many consumers find this problem some sort of a big deal because they want to be able to drive their cars with so much ease all the time.

    Fuel economy

    The Mercedes Benz 240D also tend to use more fuel than other cars of its size normally do. This becomes a problem for owners because it requires them to spend so much on diesel alone. Also, it hinders from them from using the car when traveling to farther places. Excessive fuel consumption turns out to be a major letdown for consumers given the fact that the 240D is known to have less mileage. Plus, repairs on a Mercedes Benz vehicle cost a lot. As much as possible, 240D owners want to limit their fuel expenses, so they can save up for an upgrade or costs on replacement of parts.