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Mercedes Benz 300D Parts and Mercedes Benz 300D Accessories

Facts about the Mercedes Benz 300D

  • For the American market, the Mercedes Benz 300D cars were built with power windows and automatic transmission, but the rest weren't built with these features. They were also equipped with 180 PS (130kW and 180 horsepower) at 5500 rpm. As an option, power steering, power brakes, and Artic-Kar air conditioning were added.

  • There was a total of 3,077 300D models that was manufactured in March 1962, along with 65 300D-based Cabriolet Ds that were special orders. After some time, the model was replaced as the Mercedes Benz flagship by the 600 Pullman Grand Mercedes.

  • The first Mercedes Benz 300D was introduced to the American public in 1975. The life of the 300D began by the carmakers installing newly improved 3-liter five-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine 617.910 in the W115 chassis four-cylinder Mercedes Benz 240D diesel.

  • The evolution of the W123 chassis was continuously added in the production of the Mercedes Benz 300D Turbo Diesel in 1982. It was a 3-liter five-cylinder turbocharged engine and was first introduced in 1978. It was also first offered in the American market for the Mercedes Benz 300.

  • Throughout the 1950s, the Mercedes Benz 300 types, which included the 300D, was the car company's largest and most prominent models. It had that exclusive, luxurious, elegant, and powerful impression, which the owners loved and felt proud of.

  • The American market surely loved the appearance of the Mercedes Benz 300D; it was luxurious but also had a sporty touch. The lubrication system of the vehicle does not use grease, but uses oil instead. It was also built with a hardtop, which was elegant according to the buyers.

  • The diesel-powered Mercedes Benz 300D was part of the straight vegetable oil movement. In fact, there was a recent study in the Houston Press that covered the story of a biochemistry student who converted the 300D car to function on SVO. Study shows that used 1985 Mercedes Benz diesel power plants are famous for being imperishable when converted.

  • The Mercedes Benz 300D had an additional 4 inches of wheelbase, which gave the passengers the opportunity to have more rear legroom. This also made the vehicle a true limousine, which then became the competitor of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

Mercedes Benz 300D Articles

  • Usual Problems of the Mercedes Benz 300D

    The Mercedes Benz 300D was a prestigious car that was introduced back in August 1957. Even though it was built decades back, it's not a surprise that this can still be seen being driven on the road by some proud owners. Just like old cars, it's unavoidable for this to also experience problems, considering that it was built in the late 1950s. Here are some of the common problems that were reported by the owners so that others can also be aware of the issues that the 300D experiences.

    Problems with shifting gears

    This kind of issue is very dangerous. Basically, it's a transmission problem and if not attended to right away, the safety of the driver and the passengers could be at risk. Some of the problems reported was that the 300D performed well, unless it goes over 45 mph-the vehicle will refuse to switch to 3rd gear. The best thing that an owner could do is to take this to a shop and to get expert advice from a trusted mechanic.

    Idles rough

    This kind of problem is not very dangerous because it won't greatly jeopardize the performance of the vehicle. But though this is a minor issue, it must not be overlooked. Generally, Mercedes is equipped with a vacuum system to work the power locks, cruise control, shutoff system for the car engine, and many others. Rough idling can be due to worn rubber, which dries out and loses its vacuum. Have this inspected by a mechanic so that worse engine problems won't occur.

    Issue with engine shutoff

    This is another engine problem, but one that must not be overlooked. If the engine doesn't shut off, then this could be pretty bad, and it could jeopardize the performance of the Mercedes Benz 300D.

    Other problems

    Other problems that usually occur on the Mercedes Benz 300D include worn seat springs that can cause the car seats to lean or sag. For great comfort and focus on the road, the spring should be replaced. Also, once there are knocking noises that are coming from the front end, this is due to cracked strut tower bushings.