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Mercedes Benz 420SEL Antenna Mast

Mercedes Benz 420sel Antenna Mast: Issues that Affect a Clear Frequency

The antenna mast of your Mercedes Benz 420sel is designed to pickup radio frequencies, so you could have a clear reception when you tune in to your car stereo. However, since the mast is located on the edge of the vehicle's roof, it is prone from the harmful factors like hard rain water, dust, and grime. When you begin to notice that your car's radio is acting different, you should do check the antenna mast and do some troubleshooting. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter:

Weak radio signal

When you notice that the sound from your car's radio is blur or the feed is constantly disrupted, it may be caused by a broken or bent Mercedes Benz 420sel antenna mast. To check if the problem is indeed caused by a faulty antenna mast, you have to remove the antenna assembly. Inspect if the there's already an accumulation of dirt of the assembly or the mast is showing signs of corrosion. Make sure there's a clean cloth over the fender before you remove the antenna assembly to prevent scratching your car's paint.

Failure to retract the antenna mast

When the antenna mast of your car won't retract, the problem may be caused by a broken or snapped plastic cable that can't wind around the shell of the antenna's mechanism. You should observe if you can hear the electric motor trying to retract the antenna. If the motor is working fine, then the snapped wire probably is the culprit. However, if you don't hear the motor, then it could also be caused be another reason why the antenna won't retract. Before you remove the antenna assembly, you should slide the antenna down slowly with the help a lubricant to make the antenna slide smoother.

Rust on the antenna mast's surface

When rust begins to wrap around your car's antenna mast, you will notice that the antenna mast is becoming weak or brittle. Aside from that, you'll experience difficulty in the reception of radio frequencies. You can try to remove the rust that has already formed on the surface by rubbing it with products that anti-corrosion compounds. However, if the antenna is too brittle and looks like it's going to break, then there's no other solution than to find a new replacement.

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  • Mercedes Benz 420sel Antenna Mast: Smart Tips to Keep a Smooth Reception

    The antenna mast of your Mercedes Benz 420sel is essential for a clear and crisp radio signal. However, since it is mounted outside of your car, dust and grit can easily stick on it and may affect the reception of radio frequencies. What's worse is they can cause the antenna assembly to malfunction when they begin to accumulate all over the antenna mast. Here are some tips to keep them off your antenna mast's surface and to maintain a good signal when you want to tune in to your radio.

    Clean the antenna mast properly.

    Because of dust and grit in the air, your Mercedes Benz 420el antenna mast will become sticky and difficult to retract. What you can do to prevent this is to wipe the mast with a degreaser or WD-40 and a paper towel. You have to start wiping from the bottom of the antenna mast all the way to the top. Retract the antenna mast once again and wipe it if you can still see some dirt. Continue doing it until it becomes free from dirt. You shouldn't let the degreaser or WD-40 drop on your car's paint because it will cause damage so do it carefully.

    Apply lube on your Mercedes Benz 420sel antenna mast.

    Squeaking noise from your car's antenna mast while it's retracting can be really annoying, and it can even cause damage because of friction. To avoid this problem, you can apply silicone grease or lube on the antenna mast when you start to notice that noise. This will help the antenna mast retract smoothly and quietly. Make sure that the product you apply doesn't leave residue. Otherwise, it will only gather more dirt and dust from the air.

    Test the antenna mast periodically.

    Testing your car's antenna mast is a good way to determine the quality of the radio signals it picks up. You can do this with the help of an ohmmeter or a multimeter. What you have to do is to connect the device to your car's antenna mast and observe the reading. However, you need to unplug the antenna's cable from the radio because it must be connected to the ohmmeter. The reading of the ohmmeter should be between zero and two ohms to show that the antenna mast picking up a good radio signal.