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Mercedes Benz 500SL Headlight Switch

Mercedes Benz 500sl Headlight Switch: Three Problems You Might Encounter

Your Mercedes Benz 500sl headlight switch is as important as the headlights of your car since both parts ensure your safety while driving. However, just like the headlights, the headlight switch will eventually malfunction and show signs of wearing down. If you start to notice that your headlight switch is acting differently, then you have to do some troubleshooting. Here's a list of the common problems you'd probably encounter:

Noise coming from the headlight switch

There are a number of reasons why your Mercedes Benz 500sl headlight switch is buzzing, clicking, rattling, or making different kinds of noises. One reason is the headlight switch might have come loose from its housing. You should check the screws and tighten them if necessary. Aside from that, inspect the switch and check if some parts have come off. Make sure to place it back on its correct position. Another possible reason is the buildup of dirt between the switch and the fuse. However, if the headlight fuse is tightly sealed, then this means that the switch is already worn out and needs to be replaced.

Headlamps that won't work even when the switch is turned on

When you have already turned on the headlight switch but there's no light coming from the headlamps, the first thing you should check is the voltage from the headlight's fuse. You could use a digital multimeter to check the voltage. If the fuse is working fine, you should inspect the wires behind the headlamp assembly-maybe they're just slightly disconnected. If you found no problem with the connection of the wires, then it's time to remove the headlight switch and test it. Use the digital multimeter again and check if there' voltage coming from the switch. If there's none, then your headlight switch needs to be replaced.

Failure to adjust headlight brightness

Since the headlight switch has different relays that control the low- and high-beam lights, the high-beam light relay might have failed due to corrosion or excess current. This will lead to the inability of the switch to change the beam's brightness. If this is not inspected and repaired immediately, it may affect the low-beam relay and could lead to total failure of the headlamps.

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  • Mercedes Benz 500sl Headlight Switch: See a Clearer Road with These Cleaning Tips

    The headlight switch of your Mercedes Benz 500sl gives you the control to brighten the headlights of your car while you're driving along a dark road or to dim the lights while you're cruising on the streets. Over time, the headlight switch will show signs of malfunction due to faulty wiring and corrosion. Before any of these problems cause the switch to fail, you can follow these maintenance tips to maximize the service life of your car's headlight switch.

    Clean the metal contacts of the headlight switch.

    To clean the metal contacts inside your Mercedes Benz 500sl headlight light switch, you have to remove the entire headlight switch from your car and then slowly take it apart. You will notice that the headlight switch is made-up of tiny pieces, so you should remember the position of every part correctly. A good drawing or a picture of the parts can help you put them all back later. When you have dismantled the parts and see the little metal contacts, you have to pull it out. Clean them using an electrical contact cleaner and a small piece of emery paper to wipe the dirt off the contacts.

    Remove the lint and dirt from the headlight switch lever.

    Lint and dust can stick all over your car's dashboard, steering wheel, and the headlight switch lever. Sometimes, you may accidentally hold the lever with your dirty hands while you're checking some parts under the hood, and the dirt from your hands will stick on the lever's surface. You can easily remove these impurities by using a clean rag and an all-purpose cleaner or grease remover. Just remember to rub the area gently until the traces of lint, dust, and dirt are gone.

    Test the voltage of the headlight switch.

    You can make sure that your Mercedes Benz headlight switch is working properly by testing its voltage periodically using a multimeter. You have to find the circuit inside the switch that supplies the power to the headlights. The multimeter should register 12 volts to show that headlight switch is working well. If not, you can re-test the switch or check if some parts are just loose or broken. Be careful not to damage the metal female terminal with the lead from the multimeter.