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Mercedes Benz C240 Parts and Mercedes Benz C240 Accessories

Some Interesting Facts about the Mercedes Benz C240

  • The Mercedes Benz C240 is also affectionately known as a Baby Benz-a type of vehicle that offers efficient luxury. Although this car is less expensive and is therefore considered less luxurious than other Mercedes Benz vehicles, it is still a favorite of entry-level luxury and sport sedan buyers. This is due to its great handling, passive safety and excellent reliability, along with all the advantages a smaller car gives.

  • The logo on the Mercedes Benz C240 is one of the most iconic and recognizable logos anywhere. The three-pointed star represents the principal modes of transport-land, sea, and air. Mercedes has, however, concentrated on excelling in manufacturing large, luxurious vehicles that travel on land.

  • The Mercedes Benz C240's manufacturer name came from Emil Jellinek, a wealthy European entrepreneur who sat on the board of Daimler AG from 1900 to 1909. Mercedes was the term of endearment he gave to his daughter, whose real name was Adrienne Manuela Ramona Jellinek. The name of the 1901 car model Mercedes 35hp later carried on to the brand name developed by Daimler AG in 1926, Mercedes Benz.

  • Although a lot of songs mention "Mercedes Benz" in their lyrics, one particular song stood out. A song titled "Mercedes Benz" was written and recorded by the legendary "Queen of Psychedelic Soul" Janis Joplin on October 1, 1970. It became remarkable because of two things: it had rowdy verses of "Happy Birthday" sung for John Lennon, and Janis Joplin died three days after recording the song.

  • The C240 is part of the affordable yet luxurious C-Class line of vehicles by Mercedes Benz. The 250,000th C-Class vehicle was produced in Sindelfingen and delivered to a customer in Japan. It was an iridium silver metallic C 220 CDI sedan, a close sibling of the C240. In 2010, the C-Class vehicle sales reached one million units-sales for sedans reached as much as 840,000 units.

  • In 2011, two 30- and 45-second humorous TV advertisements were made to promote the C-Class vehicles. They focused on the innovative Attention Assist system and made fun of its ability to detect and provide early warning at the onset of driver drowsiness.

Mercedes Benz C240 Parts

Mercedes Benz C240 Articles

  • Mercedes Benz C240: Common Problems

    The Mercedes Benz C-Class is one of the many high-quality vehicle lines that the car manufacturer is well-known for. The C240 is one of the cars in this lineup that's been regarded as a dependable compact executive vehicle. This vehicle is made in Mercedes' Sindelfingen assembly plant in Germany, a factory that has been awarded high quality ratings by J.D. Power. However, some C240s have been recalled in the past because of common problems with the vehicle. Here are some of the more significant problems the manufacturer had to deal with over the years. It is important to note that most of them are related to passenger safety.

    Seat belt locks

    A seat belt is a big part of passenger safety, and its lock is the key part that determines how effective it is. In a C240 there is a high chance that the seat belt buckle may not lock properly. In the event of a crash, the seat occupant's risk of injury is increased. More than 4,000 C240s were recalled in 2003 for having rough areas on the seat belt locks. It's been found out that the presence of a burr on these locks could prevent the seat belt from locking.


    It isn't immediately evident, but Mercedes Benz C240s have airbag triggers that don't activate consistently during a low-speed crash. This manufacturer fault can be particularly dangerous, since drivers don't usually wear seatbelts when driving slowly. The C240 failed low-speed tests conducted by the NHTSA in 2006.

    That year, approximately 61,000 vehicles have been reported as having faulty airbags. Mercedes Benz recalled the vehicles and replaced them with new airbags free of charge.

    Electrical system

    Mercedes is known for producing accurate electrical systems on cars, but the 2005-2008 C240s had a software calibration flaw that proved to be dangerous during a collision. Cars are programmed to cut off power to the fuel system during an accident to prevent fire or an explosion. The software calibration on a few C240s did not send a crash signal to the fuel pump during a crash. This caused the C240's fuel pump to keep running and delivering fuel during an accident even when it was designed not to.

    Although it affected a relatively small number of cars, Mercedes recalled the faulty vehicles and fixed them free of charge.