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Lincoln is a very popular American luxury car brand that has created some of the best vehicles that we've seen today since it started back in 1917. Although most of the brand's vehicles are sedans, it has also come up with pickups such as the Lincoln Blackwood. It was sold for only one year back in 2002 making it a very rare truck in North America. Even though it was the first luxury pickup to enter the market, it was actually just a luxuriously-trimmed Ford F-150 Crew Cab truck. Nevertheless, it was well received when it first debuted at the 1999 North American International Auto Show and Lincoln went on to produce the vehicle in the US in 2002 and in Mexico in 2003.

Since the Lincoln brand is owned by the Ford Motor Company, they were able to pull resources and design cues from the Ford F-150. It was only available with black interior and exterior trims but they rest of the components were upgraded to fit the luxury vehicle segment. The Lincoln Blackwood truck bed was changed into a trunk lined with plush carpeting and came with a power tonneau cover. Although the trunk box itself was made of plastic, it was lined with stainless steel for a unique look and added strength. The exterior had the same design using aluminum pinstripes that was placed over artificial burled black wood. The truck wasn't designed to be a utility pickup, so the majority of components were geared for luxury instead.

Due to a very limited run of 15-months, only 3,356 Blackwoods were ever made in the U.S. The good news is that the Lincoln Blackwood actually shares a lot of components from the F-150 and the Lincoln Navigator. But even with compatible aftermarket parts from other vehicles, owners should be careful and do their research to make sure that they fit properly in the Lincoln Blackwood.