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Mercedes Benz Clk320 Parts and Mercedes Benz Clk320 Accessories

Things You May Not Know about the Mercedes Benz CLK320

  • The CLK320 had its fair share of spotlight in the entertainment industry; it appeared in the movies: Guns, Girls and Gambling (2011); The Hike (2011); 7lives (2011); The Bridge (2010); Queen Cobra (2007); Havoc (2005); and Here on Earth (2000). It also appeared in the following series: CSI: Miami (2002); New Tricks (2003); Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (2005); Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei (1996); Wildfire (2005); and Motorweek (which started in 1981-before the CLK320 was even introduced).
  • The CLK means Coupe Leicht Kurz, which means Coupe Light Short in German.
  • The whole CLK series was based on Mercedes-Benz' W202 and W203 platforms of the C-Class, but the CLK's engine and price range are more similar to that of the E-Class.
  • Some specs of the CLK320: (1) the car can go zero to 60 in 6.9 seconds; (2) it has a top speed of 130 mph; (3) it is made of welded steel stampings; and (4) it measures 180.2 by 67.8 inches.
  • Unlike the US models that have all-leather interiors with burl walnut trim, the European versions leaned more on the elegant side. European versions of the CLK cars had two concepts: “Elegance” and “Avantgarde”. The former version has a burr walnut trim and polished alloy wheels, while the latter has an alloy trim and wider, sportier wheels.
  • Standard equipment for the CLK series includes: alloy wheels, leather power seats, dual-zone climate control, as well as a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. Buyers can even go for a sporty look and build for the CLK cars. This will have a navigation system, an upgraded Harman Kardon audio system, and a keyless ignition.
  • The 320 was manufactured and sold for around nine years. By 2006, it was replaced by the CLK350 which had better specs (a 3.5L V6 engine, a 24-valve DOHC, and a seven-speed automatic transmission).
  • A convertible type of the 320 was introduced in 2004, together with the convertible types of fellow first-generation CLK vehicles: the CLK500 and CLK55 AMG.

Mercedes Benz Clk320 Articles

  • Mercedes Benz CLK320 Problems

    A lot of car enthusiast would look at the CLK320 and say: “Woah, they went all out, didn't they?” On the day the design for CLK320 was being finalized, the engineers just decided to put in almost everything from their stockroom. The Mercedes Benz CLK320 is like a multilayered cake with a layer for sleekness, grip, power, and smoothness, topped with a sprinkle of gadgets. The car is definitely an eye-candy for many when it debuted. However, the dazzling design and look of the car did not save it from experiencing problems. Some of the common problems experienced with the CLK320 are listed below.

    Transmission problems

    The primary concern for the CLK320 is its transmission; Mercedes-Benz chose to give the car a 5-speed automatic with lockup torque converter. However, the part isn't exactly best for everyday driving and daily exposure to dust and heat. The way the transmission is assembled makes it very easy to be clogged up, causing gearing problems. The transmission valve body is also prone to fail. Without regular (and we mean at least once every quarter), the transmission is the biggest headache you would experience when driving the CLK320.


    The CLK320's body is made of welded steel stampings which is fine, but it is not really meant to last more than two years. Rust should be expected after a year of use (or less, if you drive in humid areas). The common cases are early rusting of the wheel arches, bumper, and fenders.

    Electrical problems

    As we mentioned above, Mercedes-Benz almost went crazy by putting a lot of gadgets in the car. This is great because who doesn't want a pimped-up ride? However, the number of gadgets in the car makes it very prone to electrical problems.

    We found out that the first part to have issues with the wirings is the display. The temperature and clock display on the dashboard can fail even if the car is just under a year of use; the display will dim or, worse, not light up at all. If left unattended, the electrical problems will soon influence the other electrical parts on the car, which in the case of CLK320 is almost everything. The convertible top, the windows, the rest of the dashboard displays, the lock, and sometimes even the radio are bound to fail soon after.