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Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG Fog Light

Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG Fog Light

Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG components are generally of superb quality. The same can be said for the Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG fog light. However, there may come a time when you'll be experiencing problems with it. Check out its most common problems below:


If one of your CLK55 AMG's fog lights is flickering, the first thing that you should do is to check if the bulb is loose. It may have been improperly installed after doing modifications to it or whatnot. With that said, take off the fog light cover and make sure that the bulb is securely attached. Hopefully, that will solve flickering. If it doesn't, the problem may lie in the fog light's wiring. Like the bulb, some of the wiring may have loosened, thus impeding the flow of power. As a DIYer, you can of course fix that without much difficulty (refer to your CLK55 AMG's manual or the one that came with your fog light kit if you need additional help). If the wiring is damaged, a replacement is most probably in order.

Dim Fog Lights

his is an issue that may stem from your CLK55 AMG's electrical system. Dim fog lights are often experienced because your electrical system may be overworked. Using multiple features of your CLK55 AMG that require electricity (such as the radio or cell phone charger) at the same time can strain your Benz's power source. This indicates that you have a faulty alternator or a battery that needs to be replaced soon.


Fogging fog light? It sounds kind of ironic but it really does happen. This can be a problem since the fogging inside the assembly can affect the illumination of the fog light. If fogging occurs, that means that the assembly isn't tightly sealed. This can be easily remedied, of course, but it's best to wipe off the fogging first before sealing it properly. However, if your fog light's lens is severely fogged or discolored, your may have to replace the lens altogether.

No Power

A blown fuse is to blame if your CLK55 AMG's fog lights are completely unusable. In this case, your only option is to replace the fog light's fuse. Don't worry as doing that shouldn't take a lot of work.

  • Helpful Tips in Maintaining Your Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG's Fog Lights in Good Condition

    Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG fog lights don't normally exhibit problems. But even if that's the case, it's still better to put a bit of effort in taking care of your fog lights. Below are some tips on how to maintain your CLK55 AMG's fog lights in good condition:

    • Always make sure that the fog light wiring is in good shape.
    • Over time, your CLK55 AMG's fog light wiring may become loose or damaged. When that happens, it may make flow of electricity from the power source to the fog light unstable. A flickering fog light is the result of the instability. With those said, always make sure that the fog light wires are attached properly. Occasionally cleaning the wires will also help prevent damage.
    • Always make sure that the fog light assembly is tightly sealed.
    • If you replaced one of your fog light bulbs or cleaned the interior of the assembly, make sure to reseal the assembly tightly. Not doing so will allow moisture and small debris to make its way inside the fog light. The said elements can cause fogging or discoloration in the lens, which in turn can severely affect the illumination produced by the lights.
    • Clean the fogging fog light lenses.
    • As pointed out earlier, a foggy fog light lens can affect the illumination generated by the bulbs. Naturally, you'll have to wipe off the lens every time this happens. Although it would be much better if you tightly seal the assembly (as said above) every time you tinker with the fog light in order to prevent fogging altogether.
    • Regularly check for signs of damage and wearing out.
    • Since your CLK55 AMG's fog lights are in a very vulnerable position (they should be mounted in the bumper if you didn't do any modifications), they are highly susceptible to damage and wearing out. It's not uncommon for water, mud, or debris-elements that can cause damage or wearing out-to come into contact with your fog lights. Keep in mind that fog light lenses aren't known for superb durability, and once they're significantly damaged or worn out, the lights' illumination will be severely affected. In that case, the only solution would be a replacement. You wouldn't want to be driving in rainy or foggy conditions with subpar fog light illumination, that's why regularly checking for signs of damage and wearing out is very important.