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Mercedes Benz E350 Parts and Mercedes Benz E350 Accessories

Six Interesting Facts on the Mercedes Benz E350

  • The E in the E350's name stands for the German word Einspritzmotor to signify it has an engine with a fuel injection system. The people at Mercedes Benz used the letter to distinguish these special models from the rest of their lineup. When the first E-Class cars came out in the 50s, this technology was still a novelty. Nowadays, fuel injection is common but the E stays for the sake of its legacy.

  • If the Mercedes Benz E350 was sold between the 50s up to the early part of the 80s, the car would've been called the 350E: the numbers describe the size of its engine (about 3.5L) and the E for the fuel injection technology. It wasn't until the later part of the 80s that the company decided to shake things up and transfer the placement of the letter from end to the beginning which is how it is today.

  • When the E350 was released, it also came to the world at a time when pollution and global warming concerns were at a steady rise. Mercedes Benz responds to this by introducing two environmentally oriented innovations to their cars: BlueEFFICIENCY and BlueTEC. Both technologies specialize in ways to save energy, limit the amount of expelled pollution, and harness other sources of power. With these innovations, there might come a time when the E in E350 is recognized as Environmental.

  • With high-profile people riding the E350, it's only natural to have a trim of the car that specializes in security and safety. In that regard, some models of the car were fitted with the E-Guard package. This includes an armored body, reinforced windows, improved suspensions, special wheels, and many more.

  • Though classified as a luxury vehicle, the E350 and the rest of other E-Class models are used across multiple countries for multiple purposes. In most countries, it's a recognized executive vehicle. Other applications elsewhere include ones used as an ambulance or as a police car. In some Asian countries, old models from past generations are used as taxis

  • Before the E350 was officially released, Mercedes Benz teased a version of it to the public by featuring it in the blockbuster film Men in Black II. The car was used as the official car of the secret agents tasked to patrol aliens in the streets of New York City. Painted in a glossy black finish, trimmed with lavish furnishings, and moving with such elegance, it was the perfect vehicle to accompany the secretive and effective agents portrayed in the movie.

Mercedes Benz E350 Articles

  • Problem Areas of the Mercedes Benz E350

    The Mercedes Benz E350 is one of the most utilized and versatile sedans of the German company. Loved for its combination of luxury, style, comfort, and performance, this car is a common sight in streets all over the world. There are certain bugs and issues that fall on the E350 that damage its reputation as a classy vehicle. Some are even serious that these have catastrophic effects. The following are some of the problem areas any owner of a Benz E350 should be aware of:

    Suspension issues

    The seven-speed automatic on the E350 has given people lots of headaches and worries. There have been reports of difficulty in shifting from one gear to another. Most instances revolve only around the initial three gears. A rough change may be experienced when going up from first to second. One wouldn't feel the change even if the accelerator is released. The same can be said when shifting down from the third or second gear to a lower one. This is all believed to be caused by a glitch in the transmission assembly and computer that assist in the change of gears. It takes around 53,000 miles for the problem to arise.

    Safety concerns

    Some units of the E350 are believed to have concerns regarding the safety equipment. First, a technical service bulletin for the seat belts has been released. The document notifies in-house technicians of a defect in one or both of the front seat belts. Apparently, the strap doesn't completely retract inside the assembly because it has a tendency to graze the housing. Other than the seat belts, some units of the E350 have been recalled because of a defective air bag in the front passenger seat. Improperly stitched ones cause these to deflate before it stops the amount of passenger impact it's designed to take.

    Suspension problems

    The rear suspension is a common problem for the car. Numerous technical service bulletins and recalls have been ordered by Mercedes Benz to try and fix the defective parts. Specifically, the connecting rods and rear balancers on some E350s weren't manufactured according to design. One effect these have on the car is a dropped rear end. A worse consequence is losing control and being involved in an accident.