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Mercedes Benz E420 Parts and Mercedes Benz E420 Accessories

Some Cool Tidbits About the Mercedes Benz E420

  • One of the greatest assets the Mercedes Benz E420 had was its mileage capability. The vehicle used the company's W124 chassis, which was utilized by many of their mid-sized vehicles. Because of the high standards German builders had, it won many awards for its ability to drive long distances with the fewest amount of gas necessary.

  • The Mercedes Benz E420's base design was an innovation in aerodynamics. Because of its plastic molding, airflow was much smoother and wind noise greatly reduced. This also gave the car the lowest drag coefficient, at around 0.28, among other make models during its production.

  • Another big step up for car technology was its exhaust system. An oxygen sensor was introduced as a new feature. The result of this was that in tandem with a semi-electronic fuel injection, the engine was able to work much more efficiently. This was important because during that time, emission regulations were becoming a lot stricter, and this was a great help in meeting them.

  • In 1997, the Mercedes Benz E420 underwent a huge facelift. The company, being known for its conservative styling of cars, changed all that with the 1997 iteration. A wider and lower grille was installed, giving the vehicle a more unique and memorable face when on the road. Also, the entire vehicle itself is slightly larger, which allowed the manufacturer to create a more balanced vehicle.

  • Being a luxury vehicle, the Mercedes Benz prides itself in being able to provide absolute comfort and relaxation when cruising down the highway. A leather interior with a walnut finish may seem unappealing at first, but are supportive enough for you to be able to drive long distances without any risk of back pains. Its audio system is also top-notch, with a Bose sound system.

  • As astounding the power and luxury the Mercedes Benz E420 has, the safety of the driver is still top priority for the company. With a deformable crush zones and side air bags, one is sure to still be alive and kicking if a car accident ever occurs. It also has ASR5 traction control, which allowed the vehicle to make immediate stops when needed.

Mercedes Benz E420 Articles

  • Mercedes Benz E420 Common Problems

    The Mercedes Benz E420 is the perfect combination of a luxury vehicle and a sports car. As such, many potential buyers are always in the search for this beauty. However, some issues do arise in some of the units produced. Thus, it is imperative that you are aware of these before making a purchase:

    Air conditioning

    A common problem that the Mercedes Benz E420 has concerns its air conditioning. There are times wherein just after a few minutes of turning on the air conditioning, it stops producing cool air. This can cause you great discomfort on the road. The issue usually boils down to two possible reasons. The first one is Freon. The vehicle may have a low Freon level, which greatly affects the temperature of air you're A/C makes. The other one is related to your Evaporator Temperature Sensor. Sometimes, condensed water damages the part, which in turn could harm the whole air conditioning system.


    Another issue the Mercedes Benz E420 could have is about the ignition. After some time, the ignition lock cylinder might suddenly malfunction. If this occurs, it will become gradually harder to turn the key, and eventually you will not be able to turn on the thing at all. This kind of problem usually means that the part needs to be replaced, so you better watch out.

    Mass Air Flow Sensor

    On some models of the Mercedes Benz E420, the problem they experience is that they suddenly exhibit abnormal engine behavior. This affects the overall performance of the car, as well as having a worse fuel economy than what it is supposed to be. The problem arises from a faulty mass air flow (MAF) sensor. If it goes bad, it is not able to detect the air flow around the motor, which causes a faulty computation of fuel required.


    Lastly, a number of Mercedes Benz E420s experienced some leaks early on. That is because the radiator had trouble with its plastic housing. The shell containing the coolant cracked too easily, causing the fluid to spill out. To remedy this, some had their radiators replaced with a more durable type to prevent this problem to happen again.