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Mercedes Benz E420 Oil Dipstick

Mercedes Benz E420 How-To: Understanding Oil Dipstick Problems

The oil dipstick is elemental in prolonging the life of the car's engine. It checks the oil level in the Mercedes Benz E420 engine, so you won't run the risk of overheating on the road by producing immense friction underneath the hood. Running your car below the minimum required quantity of oil won't even get you three miles away from Point A. Below are some tips to help you understand oil dipstick problems and how you can avoid them:

Does the lower part of the dipstick wriggle around the base attachment?

You should replace the oil dipstick when you start to feel some fidgeting behavior coming from the base, up to the lower end of the stick. This is completely normal if the stick happens to have been through a fairly long period of time; just imagine the amount of vibration it sustains while it is capped to the oil reservoir. However, if the dipstick is fairly new and it is already behaving that way; then, you should return it from the supplier and demand a replacement, free of charge. The new dipstick should not be acting that way, since it is made from very durable materials.

Does the dipstick show signs of rust?

An oil dipstick is made of a chrome tubing that is designed to withstand rust. While it is not usual for a dipstick to corrode, we still can't scratch off the fact that it is in constant contact with engine oil. The threat heightens every time you detach the dipstick from its location; through careless handling, the dipstick may come in contact with other liquids aside from oil-water being the most common, yet damaging of them all. Not only will this open up windows of opportunity for corrosive elements to eat up on the dipstick, it could also be potentially harmful for the engine. You might thoughtlessly mix water in the oil reservoir through the dipstick. Remember, engine oil should always be kept as pure as possible at all times.

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  • Mercedes Benz E420 How-to: Remedying a Broken Oil Dipstick

    The oil dipstick is usually good for the lifespan of your car. However, there is still the possibility that it will become worn out after quite some time due to the constant vibrations it experiences under the hood. The chances become greater if you frequently travel on rough roads. The most usual problem with a dipstick is caused by the upper casing coming loose on the lower part of the stick. This is easily identifiable if you feel the stick is coming off as wobbly, or if you pull out the oil dipstick, the lower part feels stuck inside the shaft. While it is always wise to replace a dysfunctional part with a new component, we have listed below some steps on how you can remedy the issue while you are yet to buy a new oil dipstick:

    Using the telescoping magnetic tool

    A telescoping magnetic tool is handy when you are trying to pull out the second half of the dipstick from the shaft. Do this by inserting the tool into the dipstick shaft, and moving it around until a slight tug is felt-this indicates that the broken half of the dipstick can now be easily scooped out using the magnet.

    Withdrawing the broken half of the dipstick from the oil reservoir

    If you suspect that the other half of the dislodged dipstick is stuck inside the oil tank, the only way you can retrieve it is by draining and uninstalling the oil reservoir from the engine. You will need to turn the reservoir upside-down to enable the dipstick to slide out.

    Gluing the parts together with epoxy

    Yes, you read that right-it is okay to glue the dislodged parts of the dipstick with epoxy. But you have to make sure that the epoxy you are using is acceptable for automotive use. The packaging should include this info. Also, you have to smoothen out the rough edges around the glued area before replacing the dipstick into the tank. You would not want the rough edges to chip off inside the reservoir and possibly, contaminating the engine's oil.