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Mercedes Benz GL450 Oil Drain Plug Gasket

Common Problems with the Mercedes Benz Gl450 Oil Drain Plug Gasket

Your Mercedes Benz Gl450 oil drain plug gasket is built only for one purpose: to seal the plug and keep oil leaks at bay. Most people wouldn't pay much attention to this type of gasket; however, it's as important as changing your car's oil every 6,000 driving miles. Engine oil leaks are annoying and sometimes costly, and the most inexpensive way of avoiding these problems is to install a gasket on your oil drain plug. In the event that you notice oil leaks from your engine, it's time to check the oil drain plug gasket. Here are some of its problems and the possible factors behind them:

Oil leaks

Usually, when you notice oil dripping or pooling underneath your car, it could be due to a worn-out oil drain plug gasket. Since these gaskets are made from different materials like copper, nylon, rubber, and aluminum, they are designed to crush or form with the plugs grooves. Leaks happen when it wears out, and it's recommended that you change the gasket immediately. Unscrew the oil drain plug and inspect the gasket. If you notice cracks, dents, scratches, or any sign of wear, remove it and purchase a new set of oil drain plug gasket. Clean the oil drain plug to remove oil and dirt before installing the new gasket. Insert the new gasket and secure the plug into the oil pan.

Loose drain plug

The oil drain plug basically secures the oil pan to the engine, and it also keeps the oil circulating through the engine. But once it comes loose, oil will seep through the plug and drip out of your car. Loose drain plugs can be caused by a worn-out plug and gasket. Check the drain plug and gasket and see if you can tighten them. If the threads are gone and the gasket is damaged, consider purchasing an oil drain plug kit. Remove the old one and install the new kit. Make sure to apply proper torque to crush and form the gasket on the plug. This will stop the leaks and keep the oil in your car's engine.

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  • Tips on How to Maintain Your Mercedes Benz Gl450 Oil Drain Plug Gasket

    With a Mercedes Benz Gl450 oil drain plug gasket, you're guaranteed that your car's engine will be properly lubricated every time. Now, to keep your engine running at peak performance, it needs an oil change. Fresh motor oil will ensure that the parts will run smoothly, and a durable oil drain plug gasket will keep the oil circulating throughout the engine. If you want to keep leaks at bay and avoid wasting time and money, proper maintenance is needed. Here are tips to help you maintain your car's oil drain plug gasket:

    Give it a closer look.

    By giving it a closer look, you can determine the oil drain plug gasket's general condition. While performing a routine oil change, check it for signs of deterioration and wear. Remember that just like most car parts, these gaskets also wear out over time. After wiping off the oil from the gasket, see if cracks or bends have already formed on it. If the gasket is already damaged, buy a new one and replace it immediately. It won't cost you that much and it will keep the engine's oil sealed at all times.

    Watch out for stripped threads.

    As time goes by, the threads on an oil drain plug start to strip which loosens the plug. This renders the gasket useless, letting oil leak through the loose plug. Once it comes loose, remove it and drain the oil from the engine. Inspect the plug and if it's stripped, set it aside and purchase a new one. Plugs can be re-threaded but it's better to replace it. Drain the oil from the engine and fill it up with a new one. Install the new plug and gasket to seal the fresh oil properly.

    Remove and replace all worn-out parts.

    Replacing all worn-out parts is a basic rule in car maintenance. New parts, especially seals and gaskets, need to be replaced periodically. They are disposable and have a shorter operating life. Once they are damaged or wear out, a brand new part needs to be installed. Ideally, oil drain plugs and gaskets must be replaced every 6,000 driving miles. When you go for your car's routine oil change, have a mechanic replace the oil drain plug and gasket.