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Mercedes Benz S320 Mirror

Troubleshooting Your Mercedes-Benz S320 Mirrors

Your Mercedes-Benz S320 mirrors aren't just for primping and checking your appearance out. They actually help improve your safety by giving you greater visibility. If you position them correctly, they can completely eliminate your blind spots. But, you might not be able to appreciate this if you're getting distracted by the glitches from their electrical functions. Here's how you can troubleshoot your electrical side and rear-view mirrors:

Troubleshooting the side mirrors

Your Mercedes-Benz S320 side mirrors are powered by electricity so that you can move it without getting out of the driver's seat. What's more, some side mirrors are also able to heat up and melt ice. If you can't seem to turn on the heating function of your mirrors, then you might need to turn on the rear defroster as well. A lot of models with this feature have been wired to heat up only when the rear defroster is turned on.

Troubleshooting the rear-view mirror

Your Mercedes-Benz S320 rear-view mirror can be adjusted with the help of control switch. It has two motors inside its assembly as well as a circuit that extends all the way to one of your fuse boxes.

To determine whether you need to change the entire assembly or if you need to do some detective work along the circuit, you'll need to turn the ignition switch without starting the engine. This will enable you to use the rear-view mirror control switch. If you hear the motors running, then your mirror's circuit is fine, but its drive mechanism is faulty. There's no solution for that except the replacement of the entire assembly.

Troubleshooting the rear-view mirror's circuit

If you don't hear the motors running, you'll need to check the electric mirror circuit fuse inside the fuse box. If the fuse is no longer intact, replace it with a new one. However, if the fuse is in good condition and your electric rear-view mirror still doesn't work, you'll need to test the control switch by dismounting it from the panel without disconnecting anything. Then, turn on your ignition and check the control switch's voltage with a test light. If it doesn't light up, replace the switch. If the switch is fine, then you'll need to check the wires connected to it for any shortages. If those wires are fine, then the damage can be with the wires connected to the mirror assembly. If the mirror assembly wires can power up the test light, then the actual assembly needs replacing.

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  • Remedying the Minor Glitches of Your Mercedes-Benz S320

    Beauty and elegance are two words that can describe your Mercedes-Benz S320 as well as its mirrors. Apart from being able to show you your fair face, they can also show you what's going on around your car. But, they can't do this as well as they should when they're scratched, broken, or coming loose from their holders. That's why you need to know how to fix these issues as part of your mirrors' regular maintenance

    Remove scratches from your mirrors with grooming products.

    If a light scratch has tarnished the beauty of one of your Mercedes-Benz S320 mirrors, then there's no need to fear. You can try to remove the scratch yourself with the same things that make your teeth clean and white and your face nicely groomed. Apply some plain white toothpaste onto the scratched glass and let it dry for five minutes. Afterwards, remove the excess paste with a sharp razor blade. Rinse off the excess and then dry it with a lint-free cloth.

    Reattach the rear-view to the windshield.

    It's not the end of the world if your Mercedes-Benz S320 rear-view mirror has come away from the windshield. Even if it has already fallen to your car's carpet, you can simply reattach it with a strong adhesive if it's still intact. If the glass has cracked or if you see that it can no longer dim itself or show the temperature, you can just replace it without re-gluing the mounting button to the glass.

    Replace a side mirror's glass without removing the entire assembly.

    Accidents can happen to everyone, but you'll need to keep calm as you assess the damage done. If it has only affected the mirror's glass and not the rest of the assembly, then you can install a new one without having to go through the tedious process of removing your door panel. You won't get seven years of bad luck if you touch your broken Mercedes-Benz S320 side mirror, so feel free to break of the rest of the glass. Just wear a pair of gloves and place a bucket under the mirror to get all the shards without hurting anyone. When the broken glass is completely gone, clean the assembly with some glass cleaner, and allow it to dry. Then, remove the backing of the new mirror's glass and carefully set it in place. Make sure it stays onto your side mirror assembly by applying some sealant all around it. Finally, carefully tape the mirror in place until the sealant dries completely.