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Mercedes Benz S550 Parts and Mercedes Benz S550 Accessories

Interesting Facts about the Mercedes Benz S550

  • The S550 was created as a basis for the flagship model of Mercedes Benz. It became the face of Mercedes Benz and carried the brand to higher grounds because of its high-quality performance and luxurious design. Among all the models in the S-class series, S550 had the most to offer, which explains why it was created as the leader of all Mercedes Benz cars.

  • Models that belong to the S-class series are the largest units offered by Mercedes Benz. It weighs around 4,740 lbs., and can accommodate five persons with enough space and leg room for a comfortable ride.

  • Since 1965, the S-class series was known as the world's best-selling luxury car. From the time it was introduced in the market, Mercedes Benz has dominated the market and sold at least 2.7 million S-class units to consumers everywhere in the world. A huge percentage of Mercedes Benz consumers hailr from Japan, Western Europe, and the United States.

  • The latest Mercedes Benz S550 model carries the COMAND controller between seats, which lessens the need for buttons in operating the vehicle, and making it more efficient for the passengers. Although some of the Mercedes Benz S550 parts are the same as the ones installed in other models, there are still a couple of new and unique features to look forward to.

  • Mercedes Benz S550 was considered as the bread-and-butter model of the series because it offers a traditional driving and riding experience of which the brand was famous for. It houses the V8 engine, which is capable of a 429 horsepower for a premium performance. Aside from this, the S550 is also available in its all-wheel drive version known as the "4Matic".

  • The Mercedes Benz S550 accessories included in the vehicle can rival those found in an actual home living room. The interiors of the vehicle were designed in such a way that it appears like a mobile home with all the furnishings and embellishments on the car. Some of the most notable items in the S550 are the reclining rear seats, dynamic bolsters, massage functions for the seats, and a sound system equipped with Dolby digital surround-sound.

Mercedes Benz S550 Articles

  • Mercedes Benz S550 Problems

    The Mercedes Benz S550 was built to cater to the needs of consumers who are looking for a comfortable and luxurious ride regardless of the price they would have to pay for. It is precision-engineered in a way that the vehicle would have the ability to transport passengers to and from their destination without feeling a wee bit tired and restless within the confines of their cars. This is one of the reasons why the manufacturers made it a point to install sleek and state-of-the-art furnishings on each of the S550 unit offered in the market. However, comfort and style are not only the ones being considered when rating a vehicle. Performance also plays a huge part, which is why consumers also need to know about the most common problems on the S550 in terms of efficiency.


    The Mercedes Benz S550 was introduced to consumers all over the world as a luxury vehicle that has great performance, power, and class. But after a few generations, more and more people started noticing problems on the transmission of the newer S550 models. Transmission is the most common complaint of consumers on the S550. A lot of them agree that it takes so long for them to shift into gears because the transmission seems to be stuck.

    ECO Start/Stop system

    The ECO Start/Stop system also seems to be busted in quite a number of S550 units. Some consumers criticize its supposed fuel-saving technology by automatically shutting off the engine when the car is idle. Instead of saving on gasoline, drivers complain that they are losing more oil than usual because of the introduction of this kind of technology.

    General problems

    Although the interiors and some Mercedes Benz S550 parts gathered praises from car experts and consumers, there are still more than a few complaints on some features of the car. People are complaining about problems on the general embellishments of the S550. There are instances when the air conditioning system of a brand new unit will malfunction and fail to provide passengers a comfortable ride. Aside from this, some of the S550 units also had minor problems on its GPS and the check-engine light, which is making it hard for consumers to make the most of their luxury cars.