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Mercedes Benz SL500 Engine Mount

Reasons behind Mercedes Benz SL500 Engine Mount Defects

Since your car's engine mount is especially engineered with steel material and rubber inserts to provide less engine vibration, it is also subjected to extreme amounts of damage overtime. You see, this part may be built tough, but they are still susceptible to wear and tear. If you think your auto's engine mount has already exceeded its service life, then better pop up the hood and perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are some common problems encountered with Mercedes Benz SL500 engine mounts and the reasons behind them:

Unstable engine movement

The simplest way to diagnose a faulty engine mount is by observing your engine's vibration. You see, a defective part fails to control the engine's movement, so it will cause excessive vibration. This unstable movement can even reach the passenger's compartment. In fact, this is also easily detectable especially when accelerating or revving up.

Aside from excessive vibration, the Mercedes Benz SL500's engine may also rattle unreasonably. You see, defective mounts can even cause the engine to bump around violently with other engine parts. This excessive rattling is best detected when engine is idle.

Damaged engine parts

If you have plenty of engine parts that are damaged, then there is a good chance that your engine mounts are already in the stage of wear and tear. You see, faulty engine mounts allow excessive movement from the auto's engine. Engine components are more susceptible to damage during rapid engine acceleration or when driving at higher speeds. The parts that can be affected include the valve cover gaskets, drive belts, hoses, and exhaust manifold among others. Luckily, you can easily diagnose if the parts are damaged by checking for signs of cracks and dents. In addition, engine parts like the drive belts and hoses are broken or snapped. Look for these signs to check if you already need an engine mount replacement for your Mercedes Benz SL500.

Displaced engine

Since the engine mounts' primary task is to ensure the engine's stability while driving, worn parts can cause the engine to be displaced from its original position. You can simply pop up the hood and check if the engine is out of position or if it is lopsided.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Mercedes Benz SL500 Engine Mount in Top Shape

    With an efficient engine mount, keeping your Mercedes Benz SL500's engine in a stable position and away from knocking other engine components while driving is made possible. However, even with the part's durability, it will show signs of wear and tear overtime and may cause several engine problems to your Mercedes Benz. If you want to keep your car's engine mount in its optimum condition, then follow these easy and trouble-free maintenance tips:

    • Perform a regular visual inspection.
    • Just like other engine parts, keeping a regular schedule for popping up the hood and performing a visual inspection is your best protection against the engine mount's early wear and tear. This regular checking ensures that your engine part is still in solid condition to prevent unwanted damages like wrecked engine connections and parts. Different driving conditions affect the part's life service, so adjust your inspection interval based on how often you ride your SL500.
    • Clean the engine compartment with degreasers.
    • Since the engine mounts are located under the hood with other engine components, it is also best to regularly clean the engine compartment. You see, this cleaning is done best with bottled sprays of degreasers. But before doing this maintenance tip, be sure to cover any parts that are not supposed to get wet. This process effectively removes dirt and grease on the engine mount and other engine parts.
    • Allot time for washing and drying after removing dirt and grease.
    • Mercedes Benz SL500 owners often forget to dry the engine mount and engine parts after cleaning. You see, this could result to several sorts of damages which may also include engine failure or misfiring and stalling. Be sure to allot time for wiping and drying the parts to avoid any defects.
    Other maintenance remindersIf you find your Mercedes Benz SL500's engine mounts to have exceeded their life service despite proper care and maintenance, then there is no other option but to replace them. Take note, however, that with a Mercedes Benz model like yours, repairs are a bit more costly than usual. In fact, the total fee can reach as much as 500USD. So, be ready to get thrifty and save up in case of a replacement.