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Mercedes Benz SLK230 Blower Motor

Identifying the Causes of Some Common Problems with the Mercedes Benz SLK230 Blower Motor

The blower motor is an integral part of the air conditioning system of your Mercedes Benz. Unfortunately, the motor can run into a number of problems that can affect its performance and make it fail. As long as you can diagnose the issues early on and do the appropriate action, you can deal with the problems before they turn into bigger trouble. The following are some common problems you may encounter with your Mercedes Benz SLK 230 blower motor:

Buzzing noise and vibrations on the dashboard

The noise may be caused by dirt and debris that have entered the motor. You will need to take the blower motor out, so you can inspect it and have it cleaned. Sometimes, the blower motor itself may have gone bad. You will need to inspect the unit to check for any malfunctioning components and have the malfunctioning components repaired or replaced. Check the bearings of the motor as well and see if they are still able to move freely. Lubricate the bearings as needed.

Poor airflow

If the airflow isn't as strong as what it was, you may have a clog in the air conditioning system. One culprit is a clogged-up cabin air filter. Take the air filter out and inspect it. Check the surface of the filter elements and the inside of the filter's folds to assess the amount of trapped dirt. Replace the filter with a new one if necessary. Dirt and debris may have found their way into the motor itself. This happens if your cabin air filter is damaged and unable to remove dirt from the air intake. Though a very rare occurrence, mice and other small animals may build nests in the blower motor, hampering its performance. This may happen if you leave your car unused for an extended period. In any case, you will have to take out the blower motor, so it can be cleaned.

No air is being blown

If the air conditioning doesn't seem to turn on, the electrical system may be at fault. The very first thing you will need to check is the fuse. Just open up the fuse box, look for the appropriate fuse and replace it if it is burned out. If the fuse is okay, then have a look at the relay next. Try replacing it with a new one and turning on the aircon to see if that'll do the trick. Bad or damaged wiring may also prevent the air conditioning from turning on. You will need to trace the damage wire and have it replaced in this case.

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  • Important Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Mercedes Benz SLK 230 Blower Motor

    The blower motor allows the circulation of air through the air conditioning system. Without it, you won't have cold or hot air coming out of the air vents when you need it. With proper maintenance and extra attention to any potential problem, you can be sure that your Mercedes Benz SLK 230 blower motor will keep on running without any problem. Read on to learn some important maintenance tips.

    Replace the cabin air filter regularly.

    Your air conditioner uses a cabin air filter to remove fine solid particles in the air such as pollen and dust. After a while, the cabin filter gets clogged up to a point where the air intake is significantly restricted. As a result, your air conditioning system will to work a lot harder to suck in air through the filter. This puts a lot of stress on the blower motor of your Mercedes Benz. If this keeps up, the motor will eventually fail. Replace the cabin air filter at least once a year; you might need to do it more often if your live in dusty areas. You may check the cabin air filter to determine whether or not it needed to be changed. Be sure to inspect it thoroughly, especially in between the folds of the filter.

    Service the blower motor.

    Years of normal operation may result in a serious buildup of crud, dirt, and other nasty things in your blower motor. This may hamper the motor's performance and affect the entire air conditioning system as a result. Be sure to have your blower motor serviced regularly to keep it working like brand new. Use a vacuum to remove most of the dust and debris. For stubborn dirt, you can use an electrical-parts cleaner. Make sure that the bearings are moving without any difficulty, otherwise, lubricate them as needed. Inspect the components of the blower and make sure that they are working normally. Replace or repair the necessary components if possible.

    Fix any leak in the air conditioning system.

    Since the blower motor is an electrical component, the last think you'd want is having water poured on it and shorting everything out. Fluid from a leaking heater core or evaporator could do just that so it is important to have such issues fixed immediately.