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Mercury Catalytic Converter

As automotive technology grows each year, the focus is on how to make the vehicles emit cleaner emissions. Pollution control has been a very big issue with vehicle manufacturers these past few decades. With the number of vehicles ballooning every year, they have been a major factor in the worsening of air pollution. To do their part, vehicles have been outfitted with catalytic converters. Some states have laws that require all vehicles to have catalytic converters. Ford has ensured its part in saving the environment and its semi-luxury division Mercury is outfitted with topnotch Mercury catalytic converters. With its great achievements and contribution sin the automotive industry, Ford has provided and imparted with their division these capabilities and proves their dedication to environment protection.

So what is a Mercury catalytic converter and how can it help save the environment? A Mercury catalytic converter is part of the vehicle's exhaust system, it provides an area where a chemical reaction occurs in which unburned hydrocarbons completely combust to dispose of harmful toxics, these is where the combustion process is totally completed. Catalytic Converters are only for gasoline-powered engines; diesel-powered vehicles do not have this emissions control equipment. Also, one detail became a debated contest; catalytic converters don't work with lead, which is why the promotion of unleaded gasoline became very popular and lead to the demise of the leaded gasoline as primary choice for gasoline-fed engines.

If a Mercury catalytic converter is no longer in tip-top working condition, it can be replaced with a high-flow unit that is less restrictive, to decrease backpressure and maximize the vehicle's gas mileage and performance. Even though in some countries catalytic converters are not mandatory, you should still do your part to rid our air of the toxic emissions by providing your Mercury with a Mercury catalytic converter.

Mercury Catalytic Converter Models