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Mercury Cougar Parts and Mercury Cougar Accessories

Mercury in the Earth is a valuable element and a great discovery of the outer space. Amazing isn't it? Yet, what we are talking here is not about either of that two. What we are referring to is a vehicle brand, the Mercury. This name was sold with the Ford Motor Company's Lincoln-Mercury Division, which after generations have created its own popular identity, almost independent from its maker.

Under this renowned name is an automobile called Mercury Cougar. Like other Mercury vehicles, the Cougar's basic platforms are based from Ford models. The Mercury Cougar parts were have taken their values originally from Ford Mustang, later from Thunderbird, then finally from Contour. In 1967, Cougar had gotten into the market earning Motor Trend magazine's "Car of the Year" with the two trim packages luxury XR-7 and sporting GT. These first Mercury Cougars were witnessed to have offered unique design of full-width divided grille, better known as the electric shave grille with hidden headlamps and vertical bars on the front-end. The design of its rear, its license plate, sequential tail lights and grille works were based on the Thunderbird. XR-7 features wood-grained steering wheel and dash, full set of black-faced instruments and toggle switches, leather and vinyl seats overhead console, and T-type center transmission shifter. The GT on the other hand offered 6.4-liter engine, redefined suspension, improved tires and low-restriction exhaust system.

As a concept of personal luxury car in 1974, the vehicles incorporated higher level of Mercury Cougar parts to show seriousness with the intermediate personal luxury market. Its chassis embodies the larger body of Mercury Montego, Ford Torino and Ford Elite. And this time, the fascia was designed to boast three-piece grille and new Cougar head profile ornament, and became known for the "opera windows". In the next generation, Cougar became more popular with its modern electronics, digital instrumentation and trip computer functions, which during that time was very much advance. And in every change and evolution of vehicle trend and technology, the Mercury Cougar had undergone constant body transformation and Mercury Cougar parts upgrading.

Also with the change of trends, the Cougar sales continued to decline, compelling the company to take it out the business. Mercury Cougar existed for 35 years, 2002 as its last. And for its final year, Mercury launched an anniversary edition, for the commemoration of its 35th year in the industry.