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Mercury Cougar Distributor

Detecting a Bad Mercury Cougar Distributor

Classic cars such as the Mercury Cougar rely on a distributor for your car to run properly. The part is responsible for sending electrical charges to the engine so that the fuel and air mixture ignites during combustion. Overtime, the distributor gets old and gives the engine of your car different issues. It is important that you detect the signs of an old part in need of major maintenance or replacement before you end up with a car that won't run at all. Here are some of the things that point to a bad Mercury Cougar distributor:

Rough idle

One way for you to check if you have a bad distributor is if your car and engine feels shaky than usual. This is most noticeable when your car is idling. As you begin to increase speed, the engine may seem to be struggling to give you the power you need. This is usually a sign of a misfiring engine that is caused by the incorrectly timed ignition of the spark plugs. It's also a good idea to check the car's spark plugs and the idle RPM as well.

Cap issues

During routine inspection of your car, a cracked or worn distributor cap is a sure of Mercury Cougar distributor problem. This plastic cap is more prone to this type of symptom if you live in a cold area. When starting a car under cold weather, the sudden introduction of heat excites and cracks the cover. Other than cracks, you may also find a rust and corrosion forming on the insides.

High-pitched noise

There are internally moving parts in your car's distributor. If ever you hear a high-pitched noise, it means that those parts are in contact with something that these shouldn't touch. An accumulation of muck and grease is usually the problem. If left unattended, this build-up may become a serious problem and lead to an irreparable Mercury Cougar distributor.

Starting difficulties

If your car has gone for the worst and doesn't want to start, it means that something is obviously a sign of wrong with its electrical system. One of the big culprits can be the Mercury Cougar Distributor. It means that the electricity isn't able to go from the battery to the spark plugs that are needed to run the engine.

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  • Extending the Life of a Mercury Cougar Distributor

    The Mercury Cougar distributor on your car is essential in keeping an engine running smoothly and properly. It's quite surprising to know that this little part actually plays a very big role. Any problems on this may end in giving you a car that wouldn't start at all. Major repairs and replacement is always an evil that you would want to avoid as much as possible. To prevent the need to service the part, here are some things you can do to extend the life of your Mercury Cougar distributor. These are steps that should be done every 30,000 miles to make sure that nothing is left to chance.

    • Check and inspect the other parts of the electrical system.
    • Since the distributor is part of the electrical system, it is possible that any other pieces that belong to the same system can negatively affect each other. All parts here should be in good condition for optimum performance. Faulty components can actually overwork or damage the distributor. Check and inspect bad contacts that may result to poor output, damaged spark plugs that cause misfires, loose or cut wires that kill current. If everything looks good, make sure that all parts are properly connected to each other.
    • Keep the vent on the cap clear.
    • There are vents and holes on the distributor cap. It is important that these are free from any form of debris all the time. Any buildup of dirt can negatively affect the part's performance. Avoid using compressed air or abrasive cleaners to get rid of these. The extra juice from these methods can actually damage the cap more instead of clean it. A small brush should do the trick instead.
    • Replace worn rubber seals.
    • Rubber seals of the Mercury Cougar distributor are installed to keep out water from going inside the part. This gasket loosens and wears out as the car is used. Any accumulation of moisture can also damage and limit the performance of the distributor. Make sure the seal is replaced with one that's designed to be used for the Mercury Cougar to ensure an exact and tight fit.