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Mercury Exhaust System

Why wait for your exhaust manifold to bar down and suffer the consequences when you can replace it with a new Mercury exhaust manifold. Exhaust manifold from Mercury has one of the well crafted features to ensure its optimum efficiency and affectivity. Exhaust manifolds are component of the exhaust system which is responsible for the passing of exhaust gases from the cylinder to the tailpipe. It is made up of pipes made from cast iron since it has stronger resistance against heat.
The type of engine used by the car determines the design of the exhaust manifolds. For V-type engines especially those used by modern cars, makes use of a dual exhaust manifold type which as suggested by the name, is consists of two exhaust manifolds with identical features and design. Cars equipped with this type can be determined if the tailpipe sticks out on the rear or side area of the vehicle. It is best matched with bigger engines since it may occupy larger space. Exhaust manifolds are usually positioned under the intake manifold.

Headers have the same purpose as the exhaust manifold although it is more costly. Headers are usually purchased together with other exhaust kits and hardware needed to install it. Its price may be a bit heavy on the pocket but it can give much importance not only on the performance of the exhaust system but of the engine as well. Some auto makes are now equipped with headers in place of exhaust manifolds although most types come as aftermarket replacements.

No matter what component you use, may it be a header or an exhaust manifold, be sure to know the distinct features and configurations of your car since it is of vital consideration in choosing the right part. There are various brand names that can give you long-lasting performance and service such as Mercury exhaust manifolds but be sure that you are transacting business with an authentic trusted store. Be wise in choosing and buying.