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Mercury Marauder Sedan Parts and Mercury Marauder Sedan Accessories

Top Two Most Common Complaints with the Mercury Marauder Sedan

The Mercury Maurauder sedan was actually two models from two very different times. The first came out in 1964, and its classy look and handling made it an instant classic. It was then revived in 2003 and was styled as a contemporary, full-sized muscle sedan. As it was back in the day, the new Mercury Marauder sedan offered big-block power, an elegant interior, and reliable performance. It may not have been as well-received as the rehashed Chevy Impala, but it was a well-received car nonetheless. Even with a remarkably long-if somewhat truncated-run, there isn't much that people grip about with the Mercury Marauder sedan. Still, we look around for the one's you might still come across if you're (un)lucky enough.

Water pump failure

This problem is observed with the 2000 version of the Mercury Marauder sedan. The vehicles affected start to show signs of frequent overheating from the engine and, in the worst cases, find their engines shutting down. The part to blame is the water pump which is-strangely-made from plastic, melting rather quickly due to the conditions under the hood.

No recall orders were issued but it bears mentioning that even if you aren't affected by the problem yet, it's a good idea to switch out the water pump with a more stable and reliable aftermarket equivalent. It isn't too costly and is well-worth whatever you do have to pay.

Fuel system failure

The fuel filters on the 2004 edition of the Mercury Marauder sedan were found to be faulty in terms of their connection, causing a spilling of fuel. This has been specifically blamed of the Purolator brand filters that certain units from this year have rolled out with. The biggest danger, of course, is that the leaked fuel might find and ignition source, becoming a very dangerous fire hazard.

A recall order was issued with the owners being notified directly and given replacements free of charge. Check if you are covered by this particular recall as you have the option to still contact them.

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