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Mercury Sable Brake Disc Kit

Perfect Times to Buy a Mercury Sable Brake Disc Kit

A Mercury Sable brake disc kit is a perfect purchase that contains everything you need to replace old and worn ones on your sedan. How would you know if your car needs to be installed with a new set? You usually need to replace the stock discs on your car after a few years and miles of use. There are also some physical signs and performance symptoms that indicate busted rotors to help you with the diagnosing process. When the following scenarios happen to your Sable, these are the perfect times to buy a brake disc kit for your car:

Annoying squeaking sounds

Brake discs in good condition should run smoothly and quietly. You shouldn't be able to notice the friction between the rotors and the pads to stop your car. However, if you hear an annoying squeaking sound every time you try to slow down, this is a sign that the discs are taking too much scarring and abuse. Leave the brakes unattended for a longer period of time and you might end up with ones that are too jagged to perform properly. Replace these old discs with new ones to solve the issue.

Leaning towards one side

Assuming your car's suspension and steering is intact, the brakes are to blame if the Sable tends to lean towards one side when you slow the car down. An assembly that consists of thin pads and misshapen rotors gives you uneven braking performance. When this happens, buy a disc kit and replace both sides to get consistency from the two discs. Replace the pads as well to get a complete fix.

All-around disc abuse

There are many physical and visual signs that show busted discs. Thin rotors are a sure sign that these are old and worn. Look for any deep and scary grooves running along the disc's surface. Some lines are fine since this is the result of regular use. However, too much of it is already dangerous. Bends and warps are also signs of ones that have seen better days. If you see any of these on your Sable's brake discs, don't hesitate to buy a buy a kit for your car.

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  • Prolonging the Service Life of a Mercury Sable Brake Disc Kit

    The brake discs are one part of your Mercury Sable that you should always keep in good condition. Stopping the car is just as important as keeping it moving. If the brakes get too abused, your car is a threat to everybody's safety on the road. Include here the lives of your family who most probably ride with you inside the car. It's important that you keep these rotors maintained to ensure that your Sable's brakes are always reliable and ready to stop your car. Here are some of the things you can do to prolong the service life of your brake discs:

    Work on brake discs in pairs.

    Uniformity is vital to the performance of brake discs. Always work on these in pairs for consistency's sake. What you do on one set should also be done on the other. If you need to replace an assembly on one wheel, remember to replace the one on the lateral opposite as well. Do this even if the other disc doesn't need repairs. It's easier to manage and monitor brakes this way. Plus, stopping performance is more even as opposed to if you worked on only one assembly.

    Check other parts of the brake system.

    Discs can be affected by the condition of other components in the brakes system. This includes the fluids, hoses, and pads. There should always be enough brake fluid in your car so that stopping the car is easier when you step on the pedal. Check that all lines and hoses in the assembly are intact, there aren't any holes, and none are pressed on. As for the brake pads, make sure that these are thick enough to be used. Thin pads not only tend to scar and prematurely damage discs, these also makes stopping the Sable extremely difficult.

    Resurface the discs if necessary.

    Brake discs naturally get some scarring when it's used. A considerable amount of this is expected of the part. Too much of it is already bad. You can get these resurfaced to extend the life of the rotors until you are able to get a replacement set. However, remember to only do this if it's absolutely necessary. Resurfaced discs that don't need one only get damaged rather than repaired. As far as working on them in pairs is concerned, if one assembly is still intact, you're better off not using your car until you get new ones.