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Mercury Tracer Parts and Mercury Tracer Accessories

Get into the front drive Mercury Tracer and savor the product of innovations from its first production down to the latest model. Tracer is a front drive car from Mercury offered either as a four- door notch back or a four-door wagon. Base Tracers made use of the1.9-liter 4-cylinder engine with the ability to produce 88 horsepower while the LTS comes with a 1.8-liter four cylinder power train equipped with a dual overhead cam. Any of the five speed manual and four-speed automatic can be used for both power sources.

Mercury Tracer parts such as the power trains are based on the chassis and running gear of a Mazda Protg. Smooth and responsive handling can be easily attained in all road conditions. The over-all fir and finish both inside and out are impressive together with its optimum quality and style. Interior space can allow occupants to snug in full comfort together with their cargoes and luggages. The head room however is not so good for Tracer types installed with the optional sunroof. The seats are nice but the control panels are not so well-placed and shaped. The positions of some buttons are not easy to get making it difficult for the driver or any occupant to use certain control operated features.
However with its dual cam Mazda engine, going anywhere will not take so much time. Together with the upgraded version of the suspension package, rides and drives can be filled with ease and comfort. Added car parts in the package are antilock brakes, sporty wheels and four wheel disc brakes. Anyone who desires to own a car needs to know the strong and weak points of the car parts and accessories making up the vehicle. For Mercury Tracer parts, possible weak points that can be experienced later are screeching blower motor due to defective brush holders, brake noise caused by the uneven surfaces on the sleeves of the front brake caliper, engine knock as end result of the carbon buildup on the pistons and difficulty in starting due to a sticking control valve.

Mercury Tracer produced for every generation has various features. For 1993, the changes focused on the chassis which added bigger front stabilizer bars. Sedan types were accessorized with one piece rear spoiler together with high-mount stoplight. For 1994, the optional driver side airbags became standard to comply with the federal safety standards. Tracers for 1995 come with new instrument panel and passenger side airbag.