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As the blazing sun outside scorches everything on the ground, you turn on your A/C to feel cool and comfy. Unfortunately, the A/C wouldn't switch on or some fan speeds aren't working. Worse, the entire air-conditioning might not be working, leaving you soaking in your own sweat as traffic crawls along the road. If you've experienced something like this in the past few days, it's time to take a closer look at your air-conditioning, especially the A/C switch. If it's clearly shot, replace it immediately with a new, heavy-duty MES A/C Switch.

Your vehicle's air-conditioning or climate control system may have a couple of switches that allow you to activate useful features and apply custom settings. One of these is the circulating air switch, which recycles cabin air, so the vehicle won't have to draw "fresh" air from outside. This is useful, for instance, when there are fumes outside and you don't want your vehicle sucking in those fumes. In some vehicles though, this switch has an automatic mode, which activates according to preset temperatures. If your switch is bad, don't worry because you may replace it anytime with a MES Circulating Air Switch.

The two types of MES-made switches mentioned here are extremely reliable because they're built to meet or exceed OE specifications. They're constructed from high-strength materials, so they'll last a very long time even if they're engaged and disengaged frequently. Since they follow factory specs, expect them to snugly fit your vehicle, making installation a real piece of cake. With these switches installed, your AC or climate control system will be back in tip-top shape in no time.