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MG 1300 Parts and MG 1300 Accessories

Back in the 60s and the 70s, UK's top-selling line of cars was the BMC ADO16, a series of small economical cars from the now-defunct British Motor Corporation. British roads were littered with cars from the BMC ADO16 series as it was a consistent top-seller for the better part of the decade. In fact, it sold over two million units during its 12-year run. While the product line consisted of more than a dozen models, the MG 1300 was one of the models that significantly contributed to the BMC ADO16 series' impressive sales figures.

Just like the rest of the vehicles from the BMC ADO16 series, the MG 1300 is an economical front-wheel drive compact car. It was conceptualized by Alec Issigonis, the man who designed the famous Mini. That's why the BMC ADO16 series cars have a lot in common with the Mini. For instance, both the BMC ADO16 and the Mini utilize the BMC A-Series engine. The MG 1300 and the rest of the BMC ADO16 cars were slightly larger than the Mini though. The line also featured more advanced technology and innovations. Pininfarina, the famous Italian car design firm, did the styling for the BMC ADO16 cars.

The MG 1300 debuted in 1967, as it replaced the MG 1100 in BMC's product lineup. The MG 1300 retained the trademark features that made the MG 1100 an instant hit among consumersthe unique Hydrolastic suspension and the surprisingly spacious interior (which was superior to those of competitors such as the Vauxhall Viva and the Ford Anglia). An improved version of the old MG 1100 1.1-L A-Series inline-four engine became the engine of the MG 1300. Overall, the MG 1300 was pretty impressive for a small economical car. The amazing sales numbers that it was able to generate is a testament of its quality.