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When it comes to attesting auto products tested for extreme work and grave abuse, Mile Marker is the one.

Take a peak at what Mile Marker offers you to give you practical ideas to make your vehicle heavy-duty.

Toughness is spelled in every auto product ever produced by Mile Marker, a leader in manufacturing reinforced automotive parts.

Prepare your vehicle against tough use and abuse with popular Mile Marker automotive parts that are guaranteed of excellence.

Step back and admire the amazing and unbeatable look of your auto right after you have installed a Mile Marker grille guard. While there are aftermarket auto products that could enhance the visual aesthetics of your auto, no less than the Mile Marker grille guard can add a tough and aggressive touch to your vehicle within a few minutes of installation. Mile Marker grille guards, or sometimes referred to as the brush guard are constructed from chromed or powder-coated steel tubes that are bolted on to the fascia or your vehicle for the purpose of giving your vehicle a tough road look. Actually, every Mile Marker grille guard is created to add an extra layer of framing for protection of the front end of your vehicle. The extra touch of tough road look is only a secondary purpose in the production of the Mile Marker grille guard. If you value the vital, and not forgetting to mention the fact that they are very expensive, components located at the front of your vehicle and want them to be safeguarded against harsh damages with just a small impact you should get a Mile Marker grille guard for securing the radiator, bumper, battery and grille. Every Mile Marker grille guard comes with a set of durable and reliable steel uprights along with strong rubber push pads and tubular crossbars for easy and safe attachment. Whether you are an on-road driver or an off-road enthusiast, there is a Mile Marker grille guard for you.

Mile Marker locking hub. There goes the question of when is the right time to lock the hubs, when the hubs should be unlocked, and whether it is wise to leave the hubs locked for a long period of time. As a car owner and a driver, you have to know what the Mile Marker locking hub is created for. The Mile Marker locking hub is devised to connect or disconnect the two front wheels to and from the front axle shafts. The Mile Marker locking hub is proven to be useful when there is no need for auto parts to be connected to others for the purpose of mechanical drag reduction to increase gas mileage. The Mile Marker locking hub may contribute to gas mileage only minimally, but still, economy is economy. And aside from that, you get another advantage with a Mile Marker locking hub which is to reduce the effects of wear and tear to the front axle components since they are disengaged when they are not needed. The Mile Marker locking hub should be engaged when going for a two wheel drive and disengaged when you are going on a four wheel drive. You may contest that connected or disconnected, the Mile Marker locking hub cannot possibly help protect the already heavy-duty front axle parts. Why don't you try it out for yourself to see how amazing a Mile Marker locking hub can be?

You probably neglect checking on the towing capacity of your vehicle. You probably haven't even thought of attempting to increase the towing capabilities of your vehicle, what more take advantage of it. However you would want to believe that you don't have to tow anything in the near future, no one really knows when you would be in desperate need of auto devices that could give a great relief when time comes you have to tow something. An aftermarket hitch may come in handy when you need to tow trailers. While the hitch is attached to the chassis for the purpose of towing, there is a Mile Marker winch which is a mechanical apparatus that could coil up a rope needed to firmly attach the object in tow to the vehicle. The simple construction of the Mile Marker winch includes a spool which is attached to a crank. The spool is more popularly known as the winch drum. Complex designs for the Mile Marker winch include gear assemblies that rely on electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or internal combustion for power. To keep the Mile Marker winch from uncoiling, it includes a solenoid brake that may or may not use a mechanical brake or ratchet. Winches are primarily used in sea vessels when pulling anchor, but the Mile Marker winch is practical to use when you have to tow another vehicle or a trailer and keep it in a secure hold with your vehicle to prevent getting accidentally unattached to your vehicle.