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You've been wiping off that unsightly leak on your power steering reservoir cap for weeks but it won't go away. While the leak itself may not be large enough to affect your vehicle's power steering, you just can't help getting annoyed at the fact that your reservoir is such a mess. And power steering fluid costs a lot, too, so you don't really want to watch it just drain freely out of the reservoir. To correct this problem, you need a high-quality Miller & Norburn Power Steering Reservoir Gasket.

A power steering reservoir that leaks from the cap is quite a common problem among vehicle owners. Usually, the cause of such a leak is an old gasket that has deteriorated over time. This gasket fits between the cap and the base of the reservoir, so check if yours is still in good condition. If it's not, replace it right away with a new gasket from Miller & Norburn. It's dangerous to keep on driving with that bad gasket as it might lose chunks of itself and contaminate your power steering fluid. If that happens, there's a chance that the vehicle's power steering assist will suffer, making driving a lot more dangerous.

Remember that all types of gaskets deteriorate over time. Age and wear harden gaskets 'til they lose their sealing properties. An old power steering gasket will lose its flexibility, turn brittle, crack and chip little by little. There's a big chance your power steering gasket has failed when the leak on your reservoir cap gets bigger when your vehicle is cornering. Take a good look at your existing gasket and if it's clearly out of shape, replace it with a new, high-strength gasket by Miller & Norburn.